Jeweler Stops Armed Robbery in Its Tracks with Brilliant Move!


A quick-thinking jewelry store employee put a halt to a smash-and-grab heist carried out by what appeared to be a trained squad of crooks.

New surveillance video of the heist that occurred Saturday afternoon in Manhattan Beach, California, was released by KABC in Los Angeles.

The entire episode took only 13 seconds from the time the robbers entered the store to the time they fled.

The practiced element of the robbery became apparent within moments.

The first man through the door, for example, began smashing the glass jewelry displays. The second man then seized jewelry and placed it in a bin set on the floor by the third man. While a fifth man brought a second dumpster, a fourth robber set to work destroying glass cases on the opposite side of the business.

Two staff stood back and watched. In the corner, a male customer attempted to shield the female companion.

When a third store employee pulled a gun less than 10 seconds into the robbery, one of the criminals jumped in surprise.

At that juncture, the cowards dashed out the door, leaving one of their containers and practically all of their intended plunder behind.

KABC reported that the gun-wielding store worker fired “at least one round toward the suspects.”

Perhaps he did.

However, viewers can tell from the footage that the store clerk could not have missed if he had shot intending to kill. Given the close quarters of the store, he would have hit someone even by accident.

As a result, he shot in the direction of the culprits.

In any case, the surveillance video provided critical context to the initial local news reporting.

According to KCAL in Los Angeles, “an employee opened fire on” the burglars on Saturday.

“Five suspects, who were described as wearing hooded sweatshirts, used hammers to smash the jewelry showcases,” a statement from the Manhattan Beach Police Department read. “An employee of the store responded by using a firearm to shoot towards the suspects.”

Manhattan Beach Police Department Chief Rachel Johnson praised the police officers’ response.

“We commend the swift and decisive action taken by our police force today,” Johnson said. “Their commitment to public safety and their rapid response is a testament to the dedication and professionalism of our police force. We will continue to work diligently to ensure that justice is served.”

Robbers targeted the same jewelry store in August 2014, according to KTLA in Los Angeles.

In the most recent incident, police have already made one arrest.

Subtle parts of news reports can have a significant impact on public opinion.

No one would argue with recognizing good work by police personnel when it is deserving of recognition.

Would anyone, however, think to highlight the police response first and foremost when watching the security video of this specific incident?

Regardless of how diligent and professional those policemen were, they played no role in stopping the robbery.

Instead, a jewelry store employee armed with a gun chased the crooks away.

Furthermore, the jewelry store employee appeared to have acted calmly and wisely. Because the burglars were after valuables rather than humans, the store employee refrained from employing lethal force. He fired in their direction, but not with the intention of killing or even injuring them.

Furthermore, had one or more of the crooks drawn their pistol, the store worker’s quick thinking would have at least given his coworkers and the two customers a fighting chance.

All of this contradicts the conventional liberal narrative on gun control. It serves as a reminder — as if we needed one — that the Second Amendment protects regular folks.

Amid a statewide crime crisis, and despite news coverage that purposely downplays the heroic role of a gun-wielding citizen, the right to bear arms remains as crucial as ever.