Jesse Watters blew the whistle on Target pressing this woke madness


Photo by Joshua Brown from Pexels

Target already faced one boycott earlier this year over battling the Left’s culture wars.

The retail giant may deal with boycott number two.

And that’s since Jesse Watters blew the whistle on Target pushing this woke madness.

During a current broadcast, Watters reported on how Target is now selling black, disabled Santa Claus Christmas tree ornaments and Nutcrackers branding homosexual pride and transgender flags.

Watters asked his visitor– former University of Kentucky swimmer Riley Gaines– about how she would feel about having a “gay nutcracker” around the Christmas tree this Christmas.

“What’s my other option? Black, disabled Santa?” Gaines snarked back.

Watters asked Gaines why she thought Target would try to enforce variety, equity, and inclusion politics into the Christmas season.

“Yes, you have black Santa in the wheelchair– we do not have anything against black Santa, or disabled Santa. I believe if Santa has a disability then that’s great,” Watters started before asking Gaines, “However why do you believe Target is offering this type of merch?”

Gaines stated that attacking Christmas is par for the course as Target prohibited their workers from “Merry Christmas” back in 2005 since that would back the existence of Jesus Christ.

“Back in 2005, Target prohibited the word ‘Christmas,’ the expression ‘Merry Christmas.’ Workers weren’t enabled to state it, no product was permitted to have the word ‘Christmas’ on it due to the fact that it indicated that, you understand, the concept of Christ exists. Now, I think that’s still in effect, yet they’re enabled to have a Black, handicapped Santa and gay nutcracker? It doesn’t make sense,” Gaines stated.

Gaines pointed to ballot information showing the majority of Americans opposed forcing transgenderism on children to say that Target was treading on thin ice.

“You have to ask yourself, you understand, why do they keep pressing this? Who are they attempting to interest? Because in spite of what the media represents or how political leaders are voting, this does not represent the overwhelming majority of how this country– really, how the world feels on this concern. I believe the majority of individuals, parents particularly, they can acknowledge that gay nutcracker, Black handicapped Santa has actually gone way too far,” Gaines concluded.

Target should know by now that wading into the culture wars is choppy waters.

This past summertime Target lost billions in boycotts that emerged after the business began promoting transgender bathing suits to children in shops.

Company executives plainly didn’t learn this lesson and are asking for round 2 of the boycott.