Jack Smith’s Workplace Is Leaking Info To Media Prior To Showing Trump Legal Group, Habba States


Alina Habba, among the lead attorneys representing previous President Donald Trump in his ongoing legal fight with Joe Biden’s Department of Justice, implicated the DOJ of collaborating with media outlets to craft the narrative on the Trump indictments. Habba informed Newsmax that unique counsel Jack Smith’s office will even share details with the press prior to they share it with Trump’s legal group.

“Am I hearing anything straight, as a lot of lawyers would have that kind of privilege and courtesy? No, we do not get courtesies from anybody, and we do not know anything more than journalism does,” Habba told Newsmax host John Bachman on Monday. “Sadly, a lot of times, I’m hearing things through the New York Times through leaks from the DOJ and their PR group, which states everything.”

“Honestly, that’s the current circumstance in our nation, and it’s frustrating. But, no, we have no individual heads-up. Why would we? They like to have their minute, and I make certain journalism will hear initially.”

Habba was likewise asked about the looming indictment in Fulton County, Georgia, where leftist district lawyer Fani Willis means to charge the former president under RICO statutes most commonly understood for breaking down the mafia, according to reports. Trump’s lawyer informed Newsmax that she anticipates comparable leaks originating from that case too.

“Normally, there’s just an act of courtesy; you will go into a case together– you have courtesies, you offer extensions, you talk about things together,” Habba stated. “However there’s no sociability any longer since it’s very politically encouraged.”

“So, they take a hard line on the left, and they don’t go over anything if you’re on the right, which’s just not the way I run as an attorney,” she continued. “But sadly, it is what we’re seeing with how they treat President Trump.”