‘It’s Concerning’: Fox News’ Kayleigh McEnany Responds to Explosive Audio Tape Leaked to CNN That Shows Donald Trump Talking About Iran



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Fox News host Kayleigh McEnany had words for whoever leaked what appeared to be a damning audio recording of former President Donald Trump to CNN, even going so far as to identify who it likely was.

The recording was of Trump discussing sensitive information and is another indication of the federal government’s lack of credibility, McEnany said in a discussion with legacy network star Sean Hannity.

Trump was heard on the tape ruffling papers and discussing a Department of Defense plan concerning Iran at his Mar-a-Lago residence in Florida.


“That’s been violated by somebody. I don’t know, why do I assume that a leak to a liberal outlet likely didn’t come from some conservative but maybe somebody close to that special counsel? Just a guess. I don’t know. What do you think, Kayleigh?” Hannity asked.

“Yeah, you know, Sean, it’s absurd, but that is a key point. I sit here and I see these things, these details of the case in a court of law by a special counsel come in, and they’re aired on CNN,” she said.

“We get a transcript of the tape. We get an audio recording of the tape. How does that happen? How was that not violative of the process? And at the time when — I saw today an NBC poll, in the 30 percentile is the approval rating of the DoJ and FBI, we need confidence in our government, in our institutions, and this doesn’t instill much when this is getting leaked to the likes of CNN,” McEnany added.

“I’m sorry, whataboutism is called equal justice and equal application of our laws,” Hannity responded. “And considering they didn’t raid any of the four locations Joe Biden had top-secret classified documents, and they certainly let Hillary off the hook, and our enemies had access to a lot of that information, and she deleted another 33,000 subpoenaed emails, and she got away with that, too, and she got away with the dirty dossier that ended up being used for FISA application, none of which were true, I’m standing by my original monologue that said we have a corrupt government and we have a weaponized DoJ and a weaponized FBI and the American people, I think, are seeing it more and more. It’s becoming more transparent every day.”

The Department of Justice’s indictment of Trump makes mention of the audio tape and alleges that the person Trump is speaking with does not have the required security clearance for the papers.


Last week, McEnany sounded off over the “political optics” after Trump was indicted again by special counsel Jack Smith.


During a segment on Outnumbered, McEnany and the other co-hosts discussed Trump being indicted again by Special Counsel Jack Smith stemming from his investigation into the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol Building.

“If this indictment held, if a conviction was secured, what precedent, applying that retroactively, would have been set in those various circumstances? I think it is a troubling precedent indeed, But rounding this out, I think it’s important to look at what the American people see here when they look at Trump and Biden. I’m talking pure political optics. You look at President Trump, you see a guy with a 53.4 percent RealClearPolitics approval, or I should say that is what he is garnering among Republican voters at this point in time,” McEnany began.


“So, yes, that is true that for all intents and purposes, he looks like he is going on to be the nominee unless there is a big shakeup or polling change. So they see this individual who’s on his way there. They go back to last Wednesday, where you covered the Hunter situation, the plea deal breaks apart, there is this hidden phrase in the diversion agreement, and the judge says this is not fair. Fast-forward to yesterday, Tuesday, and you see a second indictment against the former sitting president. You compare that to Biden,” she added.

McEnany continued: “This is his DoJ. And look, he says the DoJ’s independent. Let’s take him at his word. But optically, what you see is a president at the beach, a president going to dinner and a movie, a president at an Oppenheimer film, and when he walks out, the Politico Playbook says this: ‘Meanwhile, the only public statement from President Biden last night was in response to a shouted question from the pool. ‘It was compelling,’ he answered. The question was how he liked the movie ‘Oppenheimer.” So you see someone whose political opponent had been indicted as he enjoys dinner and a movie, and it is, at the end of the day, his Department of Justice.”