Impeachment Inquiry Vote Coming Next Week?


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A vote on the impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden is expected to come soon.

According to a Politico report, a vote to formalize the inquiry could come next week.

The report says that no one spoke out against the inquiry during the closed-door conference meeting which means the moderates’ opposition to the inquiry might be fading.

Politico reported:

House Republicans are preparing to vote as soon as next week to formalize their impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden.

The emerging consensus around a speedy vote, which could help strengthen their hand in likely legal battles over subpoenas related to the probe, comes after Republicans huddled behind closed doors on Friday morning to update members on their investigation. After months of focusing largely on business deals by Hunter Biden and other Biden family members, GOP lawmakers have yet to uncover direct links to any decision Joe Biden made as president or vice president.

Even so, Republicans plan to press ahead on formalizing an inquiry that was started without a vote in September by then-Speaker Kevin McCarthy. They are under pressure from their base to show progress, even if it’s incremental, toward their ultimate goal of impeaching the president.

No one stood up during Friday’s closed-door conference to speak against the proposed vote, according to GOP lawmakers in the meeting — a sign that past resistance from centrist members is fading. Republicans will need near-unanimous support on their side of the aisle to vote in favor of an inquiry, given that near-universal Democratic opposition is expected.

Will Republicans finally formalize the impeachment inquiry?