‘I’m Surprised It Took This Long’: WH Officials Knew DOJ Would Target Adams


(Luis Cornelio, Headline USA) A Wednesday report by Politico shed light on insider predictions within the White House regarding the DOJ’s scrutiny of New York City Mayor Eric Adams.  

The report suggests a foreseen clash between the federal investigators and Adams, echoing widespread accusations that Adams is being targeted for his scorching criticism of the Biden administration’s laxed immigration policies. 

Two anonymous sources within the White House, disclosed to Politico, indicate a near year-long rift between President Joe Biden and Adams, with early indicators pointing toward federal scrutiny of the mayor.

“I’m surprised it took this long,” remarked an individual described as a “longtime Democratic aide” to Biden. 

The report highlighted purported “ethical yellow flags in the mayor’s career” that were recognized early on by some within the Biden team. Allegations included a reported bid-rigging scandal and issues surrounding a non-profit linked to Adams. 

Democratic leaders have openly accused the Biden administration of being aware of previous investigations into Adams. 

“They read the same press stories everybody else reads,” stated a national Democratic operative regarding the unfolding reports. “Fair or not fair, they’re out there. This is not a secret kept in New York.” 

This investigation unfolds against the backdrop of a federal inquiry into potential illegal financing from the Turkish government in the Adams campaign. The probe is centered around whether any promises were made in exchange for donations. However, it’s emphasized in multiple reports that neither Adams nor his campaign have been explicitly accused of any wrongdoing. 

Adams recently intensified criticism of the federal government’s inaction on the unprecedented surge of illegal immigration impacting New York City. The resultant strain led to budget cuts and a reduction in NYPD hiring. 

“D.C. has abandoned us, and they need to be paying their cost to this national problem,” he said earlier this week. “Don’t yell at me, yell at D.C.” 

The DOJ’s raids of Adams’s phones and campaign documents have prompted backlash from some Republican commentators who allege a political motive due to Adams’ anti-Biden rhetoric. This strained relationship follows the Biden campaign ousting Adams from campaign involvement since January, post his critical comments. 

“[T]hey gotta slap him back into place,” commented conservative pundit Ashley St. Clair regarding the DOJ’s investigation into Adams.

Adding to the Adams chaos, as reported by the Messenger, a woman filed a $5 million lawsuit on Thursday against the mayor over accusations of sexual assault. “Plaintiff was sexually assaulted by Defendant Eric Adams in New York, New York in 1993 while they both worked for the City of New York,” the filing alleged.