Illinois Gun Control Fail: Near-Zero Compliance Rate With New Gun Registration Mandate


The required gun registration process in the Land of Lincoln began on October 1st. The Illinois General Assembly has saddled residents with the SAFE-T Act (also known as “no cash bail”) and the ironically called Protect Illinois Communities Act, which is a gun, magazine, and accessory ban.

The PICA gun and magazine prohibition includes a mandatory registration window for existing owners of the types of firearms that are most effective for self-defense as well as being extremely valuable for other authorized reasons. The registration period ends at the end of the calendar year.

The findings from week one of the registration period were published by the Illinois State Police. The figures are embarrassing for the law’s supporters, notably Governor (and potential presidential candidate) J.B. Pritzker.

To be honest, it’s astounding that they’d publicly admit to the true figures. So far, slightly more than 1,000 Illinois gun owners, or four-tenths of one percent, have registered their newly prohibited rifles and attachments. That’s .0004%.

Will they be able to meet the 1% compliance target by the end of October? At this moment, it appears to be a tall order. Perhaps they might spend a million tax dollars on public service announcements to encourage residents to register.

From The Center Square:

With Illinois’ gun and magazine ban still facing legal hurdles in federal court, a registry created in relation to the ban has been open for a week. A fraction of a percent of gun owners have complied so far. 

As part of the Protect Illinois Communities Act that was enacted earlier this year, the registration portal for firearms owners in Illinois that own certain semi-automatic firearms, accessories and ammunition opened Oct. 1. While the law bans more than 170 semi-automatic rifles, shotguns and handguns, it also bans handgun magazines over 15 rounds and rifle magazines over 10 rounds. Magazines do not have to be registered. 

Illinois State Police published the first round of statistics Tuesday, and of more than 2.4 million Firearm Owner ID card holders, 1,050 individuals have registered a total of 3,202 firearms, .50 caliber ammunition and accessories. 

“You’re at 0.0004%. That’s a rounding error,” gun rights advocate Todd Vandermyde told The Center Square. 

Of the 3,202 items disclosed, ISP said there were 2,060 firearms listed at the registry. ISP did not provide a breakdown of what types of firearms were registered. For .50 caliber ammunition registrations, there were 1,125 disclosures. There were only 17 reported accessories being registered in the first week. Vandermyde said that highlights the vagueness of what is an accessory. 

One would think that with such ominous-sounding legislation enacted by the Illinois legislature, crime and violence would have been subdued.

If only.

Last week, Murder City, USA set a national record with 500 homicides. And if you’re wondering who pays the most for Chicago’s far-left social and criminal justice experiments.

It doesn’t get much more “progressive” than that.

What does an average day look like in the land of peace, harmony, and progressive politics? Why, I’m glad you asked.

Everyone is aware of the unavoidable outcome of gun registration. According to Guns Save Life sources, Governor Jelly Beans has already indicated his support for new legislation to “close the existing owner loophole.”

Following a high-profile, news-making shooting, the push would come next year after the registration window has ended. The proposed legislation would give persons who have registered their firearms and equipment 90 or 120 days to relinquish it all to authorities or leave the state.

Rabid gun control and confiscation measures are a little price to pay for the peace, brotherhood, and tranquillity that reign on the streets of Illinois’ progressive utopia.