If the Shoe Fits: Joy Behar Whines That The View Cast Are Called ‘Libtards’


Joy Behar, co-host of ABC’s The View, openly complained on Wednesday’s episode that individuals on the right call her and the rest of the far-left ensemble “libtards” and make other “terrible remarks about people like us.”

Behar’s whining came only 24 hours after she and her openly racist co-host Sunny Hostin declared that Republicans and supporters of the Second Amendment have blood on their hands.

During a segment about singer Taylor Swift and actress Sophie Turner bonding over a mutual ex-partner, Behar quipped that “it’s entirely normal for friendships to be based on mutual hatred.” And her example was “the MAGA crowd, the base, they hate the same people that Trump hates.”

“They call us the libtards or something,” she decried. “They have these terrible remarks about people like us. And they say we’re like the enemy, and you owned the libs.” She also complained, “They don’t care that they’re not going to get abortion rights!”

But, while she kvetched about people saying awful things about them, she spent a portion of Tuesday’s episode gushing about comic Larry David saying something she agreed with, that Republicans support the death of children in schools:

This was four days after the Uvalde shooting, and Larry David said to Elon Musk, “Do you just want to murder kids in schools?” And Elon Musk said, “I’m anti-kid murder.” And then Larry said, “Then how could you vote Republican?” That’s what happened.


She complimented David for “seizing the opportunity,” noting that “Republicans, whenever there is a school shooting, they don’t want us to talk about it. ‘This is not the time to talk about it.’” So, when is it appropriate to discuss it?

If it wasn’t apparent enough where Behar stood, she argued with co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin that saying all Republicans have blood on their hands is “a bridge way too far”:

FARAH GRIFFIN And I think this is a bit of an intellectually cheap argument to say, “You are a Republican, therefore the blood of children is on your hands.” I think that is a bridge way too far –

BEHAR: Well, what has the Republican Party done recently to stem the tide of guns out there?!

FARAH GRIFFIN: We actually passed a pretty significant bipartisan gun safety bill–

BEHAR: Did they get rid of AR-15s?!

Hostin agreed and vented directly at Republicans. “And if you vote Republican, I believe that you are complicit in that unless you are actively working day and night to change that within your party!” she shrieked.

She also classified AR-15s as “weapons of mass destruction,” among nukes and chemical/biological weapons.

True to habit, they ended Wednesday’s performance with MILCK and Natasha Bedingfield’s highly cringy anti-gun rights song.

She also classified AR-15s as “weapons of mass destruction,” along with nukes and chemical/biological weapons.

True to habit, they ended Wednesday’s concert with a ridiculously cringy anti-gun rights song by MILCK and Natasha Bedingfield.