Idaho GOP Endorses Abolishing the FBI, Setting Model for States to Follow


(Ken Silva, Headline USA) Congressional Republicans have shown themselves to be impotent when it comes to holding federal officials to account for their malfeasance—as evidenced by the fact that the FBI is set to receive a budget increase after targeting a sitting president, fomenting plots to kidnap governors and kill Colorado’s attorney general, and committing untold other constitutional transgressions.

Instead of continuing to wait for the federal government to check its own power, at least one state is taking matters into its own hands.

Earlier this year, Idaho’s GOP passed an internal resolution that calls for the abolition of the FBI if it “cannot be reformed.”

“The Idaho Republican State Central Committee condemns the Federal Bureau of Investigation for its misconduct, government overreach, and politically motivated weaponization,” the resolution said.

Passed unanimously in June, the resolution was sent to the state’s lawmakers and other government officials.

Though largely symbolic in nature, the resolution signals to politicians that their constituents are fed up with inaction, said Idaho resident David Reilly, who helped spearhead the initiative.

“This is an internal party resolution that directs our chairwoman, Dorothy Moon, to send a copy of the resolution to all of our U.S. congressmen, senators and local officials—directing them to support any efforts in DC to reform the FBI,” Reilly said.

“And if it’s irreformable, Idaho wants you to back the abolition of that corrupt federal agency.”

Reilly said he believes the Idaho resolution is the first of its kind. He encouraged other states to follow his lead.

“This is novel. It’s not modelled after any other state,” he said.

“If anyone wants to steal it, be my guest. Switch out the name of your local party and introduce it at your next meeting.”

Reilly said he thinks the resolution resonated in Idaho particularly due to the state’s long, sordid history with the FBI.

“People here absolutely hate the FBI because from 1984 to 1994, we had an activist agent up here who caused a whole bunch of problems and ultimately led to the deaths of multiple Idahoans,” he explained.

Reilly was referring to, in part, what can be described as a low-intensity war the FBI waged against the Idaho-based Aryan Nations in the 1980s and early 90s—in which the bureau terrorized the state with numerous undercover agents and informants posing as Nazis.

Among other tragedies, the FBI’s activities in Idaho resulted in a bureau sniper slaughtering the wife of an Aryan Nations sympathizer, in what’s now commonly known as the Ruby Ridge scandal. And, as typical with FBI operations, the bureau’s activity actually led to a resurgence of the Aryan Nations in the mid-1990s due to the bureau flooding the movement with cash.

In a twist of cruel irony, the FBI now views anyone who cites Ruby Ridge as a potential domestic terrorist, according to a leaked bureau bulletin published by Project Veritas last year. But that didn’t stop Reilly from citing Ruby Ridge in the Idaho GOP’s anti-FBI resolution.

The resolution also cited a the FBI’s coverup of a 1960s informant in the KKK who murdered a civil rights protestor, the Waco massacre, PATCON and the recent Trump-related scandals as reasons to abolish the bureau.

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