House Democrat States DNC Riot ‘Afraid Me More Than January 6’


One House Democrat told Axios that last night’s demonstration and minor riot outside the Democratic National Committee head office frightened him “more than “January 6.”

Washington D.C. Metropolitain Police and U.S. Capitol Police officers battled roughly 200 pro-Palestine protesters outside the entrance to the DNC structure in Washington D.C. on Wednesday.

Protesters reportedly tried to block entry to the structure, leading to clashes that left numerous law enforcement officers injured. According to a statement from the Capitol Police, 6 officers were treated for injuries suffered injuries ranging from small cuts, to being punched or sprayed with pepper spray.

“We have actually handled numerous serene protests, however last night’s group was not tranquil. The crowd stopped working to follow our legal orders to move back from the DNC, where Members of Congress were in the structure,” checks out the declaration.

According to Axios, the DNC was hosting a Democratic Congressional Project Committee candidate occasion at the time. Numerous members of Congress were in attendance, including House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY).

Home office complex were locked down as an outcome of the disruption, including to several members of Congress.

One House Democrat who was present at the DNC told Axios it “terrified me more than January 6.”

“Somebody sent out word for people to come [back] and cops stated it’s not safe,” the legislator said. “Police were using gas masks … this was not serene.”

U.S. Rep. Brad Sherman (D-CA) validated that he remained in the structure and thanked authorities for keeping them safe. Rep. Sean Casten (D-IL), who was likewise inside the structure, urged rioters “not to do anything irresponsible” in an X post.

“They understood only that Members of Congress were within, could not leave and that protestors would not let authorities through,” he stated. “Forcing cops to think intent is reckless and hazardous.”

According to the statement from the Capitol Authorities, rioters blocked the exits with dumpsters and proceeded to pepper spray their officers. “Our teams rapidly presented effects– pulling people off the building, pressing them back, and clearing them from the location, so we could securely leave the Members and staff,” reads the declaration.

The fact that only one person was jailed has created controversy, as the Biden Department of Justice has actually charged more than 1,400 Americans in connection with the January 6 Capitol protests. In a lot of cases, those found guilty of attacking Capitol Policeman have been sentenced to several years in prison.

In some instances, January 6 protesters have been sentenced to more than 10 years in jail for the same offenses that happened on Wednesday night.

Just recently, the FBI used several SWAT cars and more than a dozen armed representatives to perform a raid on the home of Army veteran Gregory Yetman, who has actually been implicated of pepper spraying Capitol Law enforcement officer nearly 3 years ago.