Hillary Clinton Shocks the Nation: Calls Patriotic Americans ‘Extremists’


CNN had a recent interview with Hillary Clinton where she made some fairly audacious proposals.

Apparently, if you believe in making America great that makes you a terrorist in her eyes.

If prioritize America and Americans? Then you are an extremist who must be formally deprogrammed.

That sounds suspiciously like a plan to bring gulags to America.

You should listen to it for yourself. It’s only five and a half minutes.

Donald Trump supporters, those people who want to “Make America Great Again” are extremists.  “MAGA extremists,” she says.  They need “formal deprogramming” as cult members, she says.

The only issue, ma’am, is that persons armed with firearms will not load themselves onto train carriages for re-education.

People who love America pose no threat to our country. They pose a threat to communists, progressive Democrats, and Democratic Socialists who want America to endure.

Putting patriotic Americans who care about their country in re-education camps?

Best wishes.