‘HE’S A CRIMINAL’: Mark Levin UNLOADS On Biden, DOJ In Scathing Tirade


On Monday, radio host Mark Levin introduced a blistering assault on Joe Biden, the Biden family, and the Department of Justice (DOJ), during an impassioned 17-minute tirade, calling out what he views as unprecedented corruption and abuse of power. The explosive monologue came amidst the wave of claims against the president and his household, which Levin branded “the Biden criminal activity family.”

In his intense commentary, Levin accused the DOJ of actively participating in a coverup to secure the Biden household from accusations of bribery, extortion, wire fraud, tax evasion, and money laundering, among other charges. Levin discussed that 10s of countless dollars have actually streamed into the Biden household’s coffers from foreign federal governments and front corporations, however the cash’s place stays a secret.

“They’re all for the Biden criminal activity household. They’re all for censorship … since they know he’s a crook,” he stated. He even more pointed out that the Biden administration, filled with Obama-era authorities, is carrying out the “most extreme agenda in American history.”

The host went on to criticize Chief law officer Merrick Garland, suggesting he was involved in an “blockage and cover-up operation” to protect Biden. Levin asserted that the accusations against Biden and his family are well-founded and not simply speculative, pointing out proof from Hunter Biden’s laptop, federal government records, bank records, FBI whistleblowers, and internal revenue service whistleblowers, among others.

“Garland is a mob employer lawyer. That’s what he is. And the individual he’s protecting is not only himself now, due to the fact that he’s part of it, is Joe Biden, since Joe Biden is running for re-election.”


Levin also asserted that Biden is looking for re-election to avoid prospective indictment, a defense that comes with the presidency. He condemned the DOJ’s stance that a sitting president can not be arraigned, defining it as a method to allow Biden and his household to escape multiple, severe felony charges.

The radio host then turned his ire towards Jack Smith, who he referred to as a “hit man” instead of a real district attorney, appointed by Garland to target Donald Trump. According to Levin, Smith is unethical, deceitful, and infamous for violating attorney-client opportunity, as well as dripping delicate information to the media. He likewise accused Smith of utilizing his position to disrupt elections and harm Republicans running for re-election or election.

Levin’s tirade ended with an admonition against Smith’s techniques, characterizing them as the most dishonest possible. He said, “These individuals need to be losing their law license.”

Levin joins a growing chorus of voices arguing corruption and misdeed in the Biden administration and the DOJ. Whether they will have any bearing on the upcoming elections and Biden’s re-election campaign will be intriguing to see.