Georgia Trump Case Takes Shocking Turn


Georgia Trump Case Takes Shocking Turn – Judge’s Move Could Blow Trial Wide Open

What’s Happening:

Many Americans believe the Democrat-led indictments against Trump are only about the upcoming election. Democrats disagree, claiming they are trying to bring the former president “to justice.” But the Georgia indictment shatters their claims, as the ambitious DA deliberately moves to hurt Trump.

The office took Trump’s mugshot and released it after other prosecutors in other states agreed not to. The state prosecutors set the trial date just days before Super Tuesday, which would interfere with Trump’s campaigning. And now, the judge presiding over the case just made a decision that can only be described as politically motivated.

From The Post Millennial:

On Thursday, Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee revealed that former President Donald Trump’s trial for election interference in Fulton County, Georgia, will be live-streamed on the court’s YouTube channel.

This is another example of his Georgia case being different from the rest. According to Forbes, the Manhattan Criminal Court, nor the federal courts in Washington DC and Florida where the former president is set to face trial allow cameras.

Now, why on earth would a judge allow cameras in the courtroom? And why would this entire trial be streamed on the county’s YouTube channel? Isn’t this about “bringing justice” to Trump and his allies?

It’s sounding more and more like this trial is just about a group of Democrats in Georgia, eager to make a name for themselves. If they really believe Trump is guilty of what they say, why would they let cameras into the courtroom?

Unless, of course, this has nothing to do with the charges being listed–and everything to do with Democrats trying to malign Trump and his allies. Many believe Democrats released the mugshot, to really make Trump look bad.

Oh! He must be guilty… because they took a mugshot. Just like any common thug, right?

Except Trump is literally selling merchandise with the picture on it. He reportedly raised nearly $8 million do that, in just a few days. So, does it really make sense to prosecute him?

Some pundits have speculated these trials are really about draining Trump’s campaign of resources. Force him to spend money on a defense, so he can’t spend that cash on trips or ads. But if they really intend to televise this trial, the left could be bankrolling Trump’s campaign for him!

Key Takeaways:

  • A Georgia judge ruled that the trial against Trump will be streamed on YouTube.
  • This comes after Democrat prosecutors released his mugshot to the public.
  • Many Americans believe these indictments are politically motivated to hurt Trump.

Source: The Post Millennial