Fox News just assaulted a Republican Senator for one reason that will blow your mind


Picture by MART PRODUCTION by means of Pexels

Fox News was a network based on the idea that it would not fall in line behind the pro-Democrat narrative parroted by the remainder of the press.

That’s why the audience was stunned to see what just took place.

And Fox News simply assaulted a Republican Senator for one reason that will blow your mind.

Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville positioned a hang on military promotions to force Joe Biden to desert his prohibited plan to mandate taxpayers pay for travel so military members can get an abortion.

The military does not spend for travel for troops to participate in the funeral of member of the family, however the Biden administration will break federal law that prevents taxpayer financing of abortion to fund abortion tourist.

Fox News Pentagon reporter Jennifer Griffin assaulted Tuberville’s hold, declaring without proof that Tuberville firmly insisting that Joe Biden follow the law was somehow harming the armed force.

This claim by Griffin is 100 percent false.

Tuberville isn’t blocking military promotions.

What Tuberville is doing is avoiding the Senate from quickly authorizing Joe Biden’s political appointees.

The Senate can vote on military promotions whenever it wants.

But Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer doesn’t wish to utilize the 30 hours of flooring time required to conquer Tuberville’s procedural difficulties.

This isn’t the first time Griffin got captured acting as a propagandist for the Biden administration.

Last year, Tucker Carlson indicated she was a stooge for the warmongers when she assaulted Lt. Colonel Douglas Macgregor after Macgregor opposed Joe Biden’s war with Russia over Ukraine.

“Unlike many of the television Generals you see all day, Macgregor is not angling for a board seat at Raytheon,” Carlson informed audiences. “Unlike a lot of the so-called ‘press reporters’ you see on television, he is not acting covertly as a flack for Lloyd Austin at the Pentagon. No, Doug Macgregor is a sincere guy.”

Carlson’s comments can be found in reaction to Griffin assaulting Macgregor as an “apologist” for Vladimir Putin because his analysis of the war in Ukraine didn’t line up with what Joe Biden and the rest of the Washington, D.C. Swamp wanted the American people to hear.