FBI Witness Reveals Raskin Lied about Bribery Evidence to Protect Biden


(Luis Cornelio, Headline USA) A former prosecutor involved in the investigation into Hunter Biden’s business dealings has come forward with explosive revelations about the DOJ’s handling of the case, delivering a blow to Democrats’ allegations that the Trump administration had closed the probe.

Former Pittsburgh U.S. Attorney Scott Brady testified before the House Oversight Committee last week that claims made by Rep. Jamie Raskin, D-Md., that the probe had been closed were “not true.”

Specifically, Brady said, “My understanding of Mr. Raskin’s public statements is that, based on the determination that I and my team found the allegations in the 1023 not credible or other information not credible, we did not escalate the assessment to a limited or full investigation.”

“That’s not true,” he added, according to the transcript reviewed by Just the News.

Brady’s account directly contradicts statements made by Raskin, who has long claimed that the DOJ concluded there was not sufficient evidence to warrant a further investigation into the bribery allegations embroiling both the president and his embattled son.

Specifically, he had claimed in a July 7 statement, “I stand 100% by my statements that we were told by the FBI team that visited us on Monday, June 5, 2023, that the Department of Justice team of prosecutors and FBI agents under U.S. Attorney Scott Brady determined that there were no grounds to escalate their probe from an initial assessment of the allegations surfaced by Rudy Giuliani to a preliminary or full-blown investigation and that it was therefore closed down.”

“In January 2020, Attorney General Barr handpicked Scott Brady, the U.S. Attorney in Pittsburgh, to review allegations by Rudy Giuliani that President Biden and Hunter Biden were involved in a Ukrainian corruption scheme. As part of this assessment, U.S. Attorney Brady, together with a team of experienced prosecutors and FBI agents, assessed relevant information, including interviewing this Confidential Human Source—an interview that was recorded in the subpoenaed FD-1023 form.”

At the time, former Attorney General Bill Barr slapped down Raskin’s attempts to downplay the damning allegations against Biden. “It’s not true. It wasn’t closed down,” Barr said of Raskin’s claims. In an interview with the Federalist, Barr further clarified that the investigation was actually sent to Delaware for “further investigation.”

Republicans in the House Oversight reacted to Rakin’s apparent lie with a scathing rebuke. “Former U.S. Attorney Scott Brady’s testimony CONFIRMS Ranking Member Raskin LIED about the FBI’s Biden Bribery Record,” the committee said on a Twitter post. “The U.S. Attorney’s Office uncovered enough indicia of credibility of the evidence and recommended further investigative steps to the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Delaware.”