Far-Left, Feminist Outlet ‘Jezebel’ Shuts Down After 16 Years


(Dmytro “Henry” Aleksandrov, Headline USA) The leftist and feminist blog Jezebel abruptly shut down after spreading Marxist propaganda, an announcement from its parent company revealed.

“As of this week, we are making the very, very difficult decision to suspend the publication of Jezebel. Few decisions over the course of my career have been as excruciating, and I want to make clear this is in NO WAY a reflection on the Jezebel editorial team,” G/O CEO Jim Spanfeller told staff in an email on Thursday, according to Fox Business.

He then explained the reason why the blog was shut down.

“Unfortunately, our business model and the audiences we serve across our network did not align with Jezebel‘s. And when that became clear, we undertook an expansive search for a new and perhaps better home that might ensure Jezebel a path forward… despite every effort, we could not find Jez a new home,” he said.

After that, he tried to soften the announcement by praising the woke staff that has been spreading feminist propaganda for almost two decades.

“With the suspension of Jezebel‘s operations, we must unfortunately part ways with their incredibly talented editorial staff. I want to thank the site’s team, both past and present, for their dedication, fearless voices and indelible contributions to our culture,” Spanfeller said.

Aside from advocating for polyamory, condemning women who speak out against the harmful effects of birth control, supporting men participating in women’s sports and dismissing male victims of domestic abuse, the far-left blog also pushed other types of propaganda.

The blog that was launched in 2007 also published pieces like “I Will Personally Be Thrilled If Stephen Miller Dies of Covid-19” and “Help, I Think I’m In Love With Andrew Cuomo???” during the COVID-19 hysteria.

In addition to that, in 2021, the blog sympathized with a mob that harassed and chased Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, I-Ariz., into a restroom by running an article with the headline “Absolutely Bully Kyrsten Sinema Outside Of Her Bathroom Stall,” in which the raging “transgender” allies called what transpired an “effective and safe alternative” to enacting change.

Among other examples of the blog hating women was the mistreatment of its own staff, as it was revealed in several tweets from Jezebel‘s former editor-in-chief, Laura Bassett.

“I guess the cat’s out of the bag. I have reluctantly resigned from Jezebel because the company that owned us refused to treat my staff with basic human decency. I will love and support my writers [until] the end and am so grateful I got to shepherd this site through the end of Roe,” she wrote, adding in another tweet that she is “obviously boiling and have too much to say on the subject.