Ex-Pence Consultant Backs Trump Over Old Boss: ‘Not What Republican Voters Want’


General Keith Kellogg(ret. ), a former national security advisor, endorsed Donald Trump over his old employer Mike Pence yesterday according to Just the News. Kellogg suggested that Pence was concentrated on his own political future instead of on the problems that matter. Kellogg discussed Fact Social on how this over-righteous and passive attitude by the former vice president “is not what Republican voters want” as they require a strong leader who will bring back prosperity in your home and regard aboard.

The retired general’s statement started, “I have actually worked alongside numerous leaders in my years of service to this Country. Among them, President Donald J. Trump differs as a figure of steady determination, a deep vision for America, and the guts to take a stand where others wilt. His strong and significant management design during his Presidency resulted in considerable achievements for our nation.”

Kellogg then pivoted to his own boss, Mike Pence. “For an amount of time in the White Home, I acted as the National Security Consultant to Vice President Pence. While I respect his service to our Nation, I should reveal my frustration in his response actions regarding President Trump. it is not the decisive management that we have actually seen from President Trump. Where President Trump is bold and unafraid to challenge the status quo, Pence has actually frequently chosen the passive route, avoiding fight.”

He then comprehensive Pence’s faults even more, stating, “This lack of assertiveness, combined with an overreliance on stopped working political specialists like Marc Short, has demonstrated a laisse-faire leadership style unworthy of the presidency. While President Trump has actually regularly put America first, prioritizing our people, our economy, and worldwide standing, Pence’s actions have actually frequently appeared more concentrated on political maneuvering and preserving his image. That is not what Republican voters desire.”

He concluded by stating “President Trump’s devotion to the success and security of the United States is steadfast, as is his vision for the future. I think in the future President Trump envisions. A future that requires both and decisive leadership, something we have actually seen in President Trump but not from the previous Vice President.”

The general public spat in between Mike Pence and Donald Trump has happened over Trump’s 2020 election contest and his tip that Pence, as vice president, might have selected an alternative slate of electors of the states in doubt throughout the counting ceremony on January 6th. Pence has said that he does not think that the vice president is vested with such powers by the Constitution “to decline or return votes to the states”.

An NPR post outdated January second of 2021, nevertheless, taped that Pence had backed “Republican lawmakers’ plan to object to electoral college results.” Richard Baris also remembered that “only days before accreditation, you told an audience of thousands at [Turning Point U.S.A.] that you were going to “fight” all the deceptive electors in the U.S. Senate? I do, since I was 10 feet away and simply provided a speech about election abnormalities in 2020.”

It was at that occasion in question that Pence uttered the words “We’re going to keep combating up until every legal vote is counted. We’re going to keep battling until every prohibited [vote] is thrown away.”