ENJOY: Trump Judge Brags That He Can Change Jury Verdicts If His ‘Em otions’ Do not Concur


The administering judge in former President Donald Trump’s New York real estate trial once boasted that he has a “tool” for handling juries who, in his viewpoint, “get it wrong” when they reach decisions that he doesn’t find reasonable.

Video distributing on X shows New York District Judge Arthur Engoron telling a college audience that throughout his time on the bench, he has actually seen juries frequently reach conclusions he finds baffling.

“I’ve had scenarios where I’m like, oh my … heaven’s sake, how could they have believed that? Well, I have a tool that I can handle that. It’s called … judgment regardless of the verdict. I can say there is no possible way that a reasonable jury would have reached that conclusion,” Engoron discussed, indicating he has the prerogative to neglect a jury’s findings when he wishes.

“I’m an unbiased referee, but it’s tough to factor out my own emotions,” he admitted.

If a celebration requires that Engoron dismiss one case because it’s similar to another, he raised a sartorial point of objection. “What if the offender was wearing a red sweater rather of a blue sweater?”


Judge Engoron took heat on the very first day of President Trump’s property appeal trial when he mugged for tv video cameras and offered a shrug to the courtroom audience, a gesture that some stated signals he already views the result as an inevitable conclusion. The previous president and his legal team are battling to overturn a decision by Engoron that concluded the value of Mar-a-Lago is simply $18 million, an amount that is similar to surrounding properties that are fractions of its size.

Speaking to reporters Monday early morning, President Trump blasted both Judge Engoron and New York City Attorney General Letitia James for their extension of a “witch hunt” versus him which began with the Manhattan case brought by another Democratic prosecutor and has actually now spanned five cases and several federal and state jurisdictions. Taken together, Trump and his attorneys claim, Democrats are weaponizing the nation’s court systems to stop him from retaking the White House next year.

Post-indictment polls taken after some of President Trump’s other cases reveal him surging among GOP primary citizens. Fans have actually opened their wallets too, funding his presidential project as it outmaneuvers President Biden and buffoons his Republican enemies. Present surveys reveal the GOP frontrunner beating Biden in the general election.