ENJOY: Rand Paul Takes Mayorkas And Wray To The Mat During Intense Senate Hearing


Throughout Tuesday’s Senate hearing, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) strongly questioned both Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and FBI Director Christopher Wray.

Opening the discussion, Sen. Paul asked Secretary Mayorkas pointedly, “Do you consider a conversation on vaccine effectiveness a hazard to the homeland?”

He followed up, “Have you engaged with social networks companies regarding content moderation? … Did these conversations discuss subjects like vaccine efficacy, mask effectiveness, or Hunter Biden’s laptop?”

Mayorkas firmly replied, “No, Senator. We have not taken part in such meetings.”

Similarly, FBI Director Wray was grilled on the agency’s participation with social networks platforms, with Paul pointing towards the Missouri v. Biden case again. Wray, like Mayorkas, restated that their conversations centered on “the risk environment that the homeland faced.”

The case including President Biden versus states like Missouri and Louisiana are related to past health requireds. The Secretary of Health and Human being Services stated in November 2021 that facilities should ensure their staff are immunized against COVID-19 to get financing, with particular exemptions.

Two District Courts halted this rule’s enforcement. In action, the federal government appealed to the Supreme Court to lift these halts. The Supreme Court sided with the federal government, enabling the vaccination rule to proceed. The choice emphasized that the Secretary’s rule is within the powers approved by Congress and is not arbitrary.

The remain on the injunctions is pending the outcome of the federal government’s appeal.