ENJOY: Nation Star SLAMS Woke ‘Keyboard Warriors,’ Safeguards Jason Aldean With New Song


C and w star Brantley Gilbert gave his audience a piece of his mind over the weekend, lamenting the truth that “we don’t live in a society where people get typed the face any longer.”

Gilbert was naturally discussing the uproar directed against fellow country music star Jason Aldean over his new hit single “Attempt That in a Village” which speaks about everyday neighbors defending one another in the face of violent criminal offense or unpatriotic protests. Gilbert blamed the outrage on “keyboard warriors” who do not understand what it’s truly like to defend one’s beliefs in public.

“So I got mad as hell the other night over this Aldean thing and I thought I was going to tweet something, or something, however I realized I don’t have the password for any of my social media. So I chose to compose them sum bitches a song, I hope y’ all like it,” stated Gilbert prior to launching into his most current ballad called “Bury Me Upside Down.”


“Among my pet peeves is we live in a society nowadays where people do not get typed the face any longer. Just a lot of keyboard warriors hiding behind cell phones and laptop computers,” Gilbert added.

As one of the most bold Nashville stars, Gilbert has been at the forefront of demonstrations against Bud Light for going “woke,” smashing bottles of the brew onstage as it launched hail-mary have fun with camo-printed cans and complimentary beer.

All the ruckus hasn’t stopped Aldean’s hit single from topping the charts on the iTunes shop recently stays in the number one area since Monday early morning. The not likely success of the tune has actually triggered a Republican governor to invite Aldean to carry out at a public event while President Donald Trump added he thinks Aldean is a “terrific guy.” The defense came following a decision by Country Music Tv to eliminate the video for “Try That in a Small Town” over its inclusion of footage from left-wing riots.