ENJOY: Conservative Leader Completely Humiliates ‘Gotcha’ Journalist While Consuming An Apple


In a rather non-traditional media interaction, Canadian Conservative Party Leader Pierre Poilievre was seen delicately delighting in an apple while skillfully fielding questions from a reporter.

The reporter started by suggesting Poilievre’s strategy was populist, suggesting it interested individuals’s emotions rather than logical factors to consider, to which Poilievre calmly inquired, “What does that suggest?”

He then pushed for particular examples, to which the press reporter had none.

The exchange got heated up when the reporter drew parallels in between Poilievre’s strategies and those of previous U.S. President Donald Trump, insinuating that the Conservative Leader may be embracing Trump’s playbook. Poilievre didn’t let that slide, demanding specifics about which “page” of Trump’s “book” he was allegedly taking notes from.

The emphasize of the interaction came when the reporter faltered while attempting to reveal his issues about Poilievre’s approach to politics. Instead of taking advantage of the reporter’s lapse, Poilievre just asked, “I don’t know what your question is.”


Lastly, when asked why Canadians ought to trust him with their votes, Poilievre offered a crisp response stressing ‘sound judgment.’

“You understand, the guy [Justin Trudeau] prints $600 billion, grows our cash supply by 32% in 3 years. That’s growing the money 8 times faster than the economy. No wonder we have the worst inflation in four years.”