ENJOY: Anti-Communist Protesters Greet Chinese President Xi In San Francisco


Ratings of demonstrators, including Free Hong Kong activists, Taiwanese nationalists and anti-Chinese Communist Celebration dissidents have taken to the streets in San Francisco in order to object the continuous summit in between Chinese President Xi Jinping and President Biden.

The Chinese president is among thousands of political and business leaders in town for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit, or APEC. The top, which will run through November 20, has actually been billed as the most significant gathering of world leaders in the city given that the 1945 UN Conference on International Company.

On Monday, President Xi was greeted at the San Francisco International Airport by California Guv Gavin Newson, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and Ambassador to China Nick Burns. He later on met President Biden on Tuesday, with the two world leaders sharing an awkward handshake before beginning talks.

On Tuesday, scores of anti-CCP protesters took the streets surrounding the event where they booed attendees and contacted President Biden to bail on the talks.

A number of various groups were present for the presentations, consisting of representatives from the Free Hong Kong, Free Tibet, and other anti-CCP dissidents. Marchers held indications that read “China has prisoner-of-war camp” and “increase versus Xi,” to name a few things.

Scenes became tense at some minutes when advocates of the Chinese Communist Party played government anthems and waved red, five-star flag. Clashes emerged between the two groups at various points, triggering riot cops to form a line and different them.

Extra protests are anticipated through November 20, when the top formally concludes.