Elon Musk Vows to Sue Soros NGOs over Fake ‘Hate Speech’ Alarmism


(Jacob Bruns, Headline USA) Twitter CEO Elon Musk announced that he planned to sue non-governmental organizations funded by globalist oligarch George Soros that have tried to restrict the freedom of speech by emphasizing the supposed rise of “hate speech,” the Epoch Times reported.

Musk made the announcement in a recent tweet, agreeing with investigative journalist Michael Shellenberger that Soros-backed NGOs are intentionally spreading lies in order to create a perceived crisis that can only be “solved” by cracking down on free speech.

According to Shellenberger, “politicians & George Soros-funded NGOs say ‘hate incidents’ are rising, but they’re not,” he noted.

“The data show the opposite: higher-than-ever and rising levels of tolerance of minorities,” he added. “The reason they’re spreading hate misinformation is to justify a draconian crackdown on free speech.”

Musk himself has been the victim of direct attacks on free speech at the hands of the Biden administration.

Shellenberger also cited an article by Irish journalist Ben Scallan, who recently wrote that Soros’s “censorship agenda” in Ireland and Scotland includes the police searching of homes, as well as the seizure of technological devices.

Of course, as Scallan pointed out, an increase in hate crime reports does not mean that there have necessarily been more hate crimes.

Not only has the threshold for what qualifies as a hate crime been radically lowered, but governments across the west are actively encouraging people to report hate crimes more frequently.

Such measures have become more commonplace in America throughout Biden’s tenure.

In 2021, the president signed into law the Hate Crimes Act, meant to put a stop to alleged hate crimes committed against Asians.

At the time, Vice President Kamala Harris claimed that she was often a victim of racial hate crimes.

“This violence—it did not come from nowhere, and none of it is new,” she said.

“In my life, my lived experience, I have seen how hate can pervade our communities,” she continued. “I have seen how hate can impede our progress. And I have seen how people uniting against hate can strengthen our country.”