Donald Trump’s conviction is backfiring on Democrats in one way they never expected

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0,, via Wikimedia Commons

Democrats celebrated when a kangaroo court in Manhattan convicted Donald Trump.

But their lawfare against the former President might not play out as they hoped. 

And Donald Trump’s conviction is backfiring on Democrats in one way they never expected. 

Alarming signs for Democrats after Donald Trump’s conviction

Democrats and their media allies celebrated former President Donald Trump’s conviction for allegedly falsifying business records in a Manhattan kangaroo court like they won the Super Bowl.

The plan since Trump was hit with 91 felony charges from four Democrat prosecutors was to be able to label him a convicted felon.

Democrats think their winning ticket for the Presidential election is blaring “convicted felon Donald Trump” as often and as loudly as possible to scare voters. 

But outrage poured in from Republicans after President Joe Biden’s top political opponent was convicted of a made-up crime in a trial befitting a banana republic. 

Republicans were angry at the Trump verdict, and they did something about it.

After the conviction was handed down, they rushed to donate to the former President’s campaign.

At one point, the website to make donations crashed from the avalanche of users rushing to contribute.

The Trump campaign and the Republican Party raised more than $50 million in the first 24 hours after the unjust verdict.

Eric Trump said that his father’s campaign raised more than $200 million by the end of the first weekend after the conviction.

Signs point to new supporters backing Trump’s campaign

Washington Examiner Investigations Editor Sarah Bedford said the surge in financial support for Trump reveals something more than fundraising numbers during an appearance on Fox News.

“Money is a pretty good metric for measuring voter excitement, especially when you’re looking at the small-dollar donations and you’re looking at people who maybe have not donated money to the Trump campaign before this moment,” Bedford said. “And so, I do think there are these types of indicators that this has gotten new voters activated.”

Trump’s campaign said that almost 30% of the contributions that came in the aftermath of the conviction were new donors to the campaign.

Bedford explained that in many polls, Trump “tends to lead pretty significantly” over Biden with voters who don’t follow politics closely and don’t vote as often.

The conviction could serve as a catalyst to get these voters fired up and out to the polls for the November election.

Trump joined the Chinese social media platform TikTok ahead of the UFC 302 fight in Newark, New Jersey.

His TikTok account gained four million followers in two days, while the Biden-Harris HQ campaign account has about 345,000 followers after launching in February.

Bedford said that was a “small clue” about voter enthusiasm for Trump.

“By the way, Donald Trump tends to be picking up a lot of those young voters right now,” Bedford said. “He might want to press that advantage while he seems to be having it in the polls.”

She suggested that TikTok could be a useful tool for targeting younger voters who use the platform.

Democrats thought that a criminal conviction would be the death knell for Donald Trump’s campaign.

But it could end up blowing up in their faces with a surging Republican enthusiasm.

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