Donald Trump simply got vengeance on Adam Schiff with this jaw-dropping video


Image by TapTheForwardAssist, CC BY-SA 4.0,, via Wikimedia Commons

Adam Schiff rose to prominence in the Democrat Celebration on the back of positioning himself as Donald Trump’s primary tormentor.

Schiff played lead functions in the Russia collusion scam, the Ukraine impeachment hoax, and the January 6 witch hunt.

Today Donald Trump just got vengeance on Adam Schiff with this jaw-dropping video.

Adam Schiff belonged to the January 6 Committee that produced a sham report and criminal recommendations against Donald Trump.

Schiff, Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger, and the rest of the January 6 Committee presented a deceptive and incomplete image of what decreased in the Capitol that day.

The committee only showed the public what Democrats wanted to fit a story that Trump released a bloodthirsty mob on Congress to end the peaceful shift of power and send American democracy to the dustbin of history.

On January 8, 2021, Schiff launched a statement describing the Capitol as a warzone and Trump supporters like barbarians at the gates.

“The scene was everything you have actually seen on television and more. I was on the House Flooring bearing in mind for a rebuttal speech I would make later, when the Speaker was blended out of the space by security, followed immediately by the Bulk Leader, Steny Hoyer. The mob had burglarized the Capitol, we were notified and were headed our way. Authorities were releasing tear gas, there were reports of gunshots, and we were informed to secure the gas masks under each seat and prepare to put them on. One of my colleagues, a veteran, was shouting guidelines– ‘breathe gradually under the hoods or you will lose consciousness.’ That is when the mob reached the doors to your house chamber and began battering them and attempting to break through. Capitol cops pressed furniture in the way to barricade them out and drew their weapons. The mob broke the glass in the doors, and members were advised by cops to leave the chamber through the rear doors ASAP. We did,” Schiff declared.

But Speaker Mike Johnson’s releasing the total 44,000 hours of security electronic camera footage from January 6 told a different story.

The video confirmed the story lots of Trump advocates tried to inform in court– that law enforcement officer permitted them entry into the Capitol which they believed they were participating in a legal, peaceful demonstration.

This brand-new video proof is critical as Schiff, Joe Biden, and the rest of the Democrat Party wished to utilize the committee’s one-sided variation of events to work up fear among swing citizens that casting a ballot for Donald Trump implies ending American democracy.