Donald Trump said 2 words that caused Mitt Romney to redden with rage


Picture by The White House via Wikimedia

Donald Trump and Mitt Romney have famously feuded for years.

The previous President is getting the last laugh.

And Donald Trump uttered two words that caused Mitt Romney to redden with rage.

Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) has been a thorn in the side of conservatives for years.

His days of torturing conservatives as an elected authorities are pertaining to an end after he revealed his retirement from the Senate.

Former President Donald Trump took credit for Romney surrendering on his political profession.

He said he was “very proud” of his function in Romney’s retirement and called him a “overall loser that just a mom might like” on social networks.

Trump referenced Romney’s upcoming book Romney: A Reckoning, which he called “shabby.”

“I am extremely happy to be the one who forced this Left Leaning RINO out of politics,” Trump’s post read. “He wished to run sooo badly, however knew he couldn’t win in the terrific State of Utah without my Endorsement and Assistance, so he QUIT. His rotten book says absolutely nothing great about anyone, besides RINO Paul RINO, who might be even worse, and even dumber, than Mitt himself.”

Trump referenced a late-night dinner with Romney where the failed 2012 Governmental prospect supposedly pitched himself for Secretary of State before his first term.

“Does he discuss his late-night supper with me at Trump International Hotel when he begged to be Secretary of State, then offering radiant remarks about DJT at a follow-up News Conference?” Trump included. “I didn’t provide him the job, NOR DID I EVER PLANNED TO. I SIMPLY WANTED TO SHOW A POINT, THAT MITT ROMNEY IS, & ALWAYS HAS BEEN, A LIGHTWEIGHT JOKE!”

Trump’s remarks come after Romney attacked him again throughout an interview on CBS News’ Sunday Morning.

“Donald Trump represents a failure of character, which is changing, I think, in lots of respects, the psyche of our nation and the heart of our nation,” Romney whimpered.

Romney weighed running for another term but was already dealing with a spirited Main opposition.

He likely faced the exact same fate as RINO Liz Cheney who was trounced in 2015 in the GOP Main for Wyoming’s only Congressional seat by 37 points against a Trump-backed opposition.

The Utah lawmaker took many potshots at Trump over the years but the former President triumphed.

Mitt Romney is leaving chosen office in disgrace while Donald Trump is on track to win the Republican presidential nomination once again.