Donald Trump is about to ask the Supreme Court to make one ruling that will mess up Joe Biden


Trump White Home Archive, Public Domain, by means of Flickr

The courtroom is where the 2024 election is actually going to play out.

Judge’s rulings might wind up choosing the race.

And now Donald Trump will ask the Supreme Court to make one judgment that will destroy Joe Biden.

Democrat Judge Tanya Chutkan enforced a gag order on Donald Trump that ripped away his rights to speak freely in the 2024 election at the request of Democrat district attorney Jack Smith, who is working on behalf of his employer and Donald Trump’s most likely 2024 challenger Joe Biden.

Never ever before in the history of the country did the sitting President’s administration draft the court in an effort to restrict the capability of the opposition to campaign.

Trump resolved this attack on democracy throughout his civil fraud trial in New york city City.

The 45th President blasted the order as another example of Democrats rigging the system against him.

“This is a rigged circumstance. And our country can’t stand these things. And the people of our country comprehend that. We’re being railroaded. And if other trials were being railroaded you saw yesterday where they remove my right to speak, I won’t be able to speak like I’m speaking with you,” Trump stated.

Trump blasted the Democrat judge and Democrat prosecutor for interfering in the election to tip the scales in favor of the sitting Democrat President.

“And I’m not saying anything. Well, I’m telling the truth. I won’t have the ability to do this with that trial. Because the judge obviously, we’re appealing, since the judge said basically I don’t have a right to speak. And I’m the primary candidate leaving the Republicans by 55 or 60 points. That should be over,” Trump included.

Trump blasted Biden for purchasing these indictments– the New York Times reported in April 2022 that Biden thought Trump deserved to deal with prosecution which Attorney General Merrick Garland was moving too slowly in bringing criminal charges versus Trump– and for attempting to impose an authoritarian system on the nation where the ruling celebration weaponizes the justice system to achieve its political ends.

“That’s all coming out of the Department of Justice. It’s all set up by Biden and his thugs that he’s surrounded with, to attempt and sneak out in election victory that he’s not entitled to win due to the fact that he’s been the worst president in the history of our country,” Trump concluded.