Don Lemon’s Halloween Costume Goes Viral For All The Wrong Reasons


Previous CNN host Don Lemon chose to mark Halloween by stepping into the shoes– or rather, the heels– of none besides Vice President Kamala Harris.

With his fiancé Tim Malone representing President Joe Biden, the pair intended to offer a lighthearted nod to the present White Home occupants. However, the response they got was anything but uniform.

The image, showcased on Lemon’s Instagram, was absolutely nothing if not eye-catching. Lemon, a 57-year-old guy, put on a customized blue match, a pearl necklace, and the hairdo of the Vice President.

The caption,” We did it, Tim !!! Pleased Halloween,” mirrored the post-election phone call in between the two politicians in 2020.

However the visual of Lemon as Harris dominated conversations. Lots of fasted to get on the post.

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Previous CNN host Don Lemon and his fiancé Tim Malone dressed up like President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris for Halloween.

The picture was posted on Lemon’s Instagram with the caption: “We did it, Tim !!! Pleased Halloween,” a reference …

— Collin Rugg (@CollinRugg) November 1, 2023