Disney ruined a beloved childhood classic with this woke reboot


Image by Seif Ak from Unsplash Disney declines to discover its lesson.

The House of Mouse is out to trash any traditional story that does not associate the Left’s culture war.

And now Disney damaged a cherished childhood classic with this woke reboot.

Disney is set to mess up the beloved fairy tale Snow White with a modern retelling set for resale in 2024.

Starlet Rachel Zegler is playing Snow White and from her press looks it is clear she is a social justice warrior train wreck and this movie is going to bomb huge time.

Zegler claimed the Prince who conserves Snow White at the end of the movie by kissing her after she falls into sleep after consuming the toxin apple is truly a weird stalker and that this film will in no way resemble the fairy tale everyone grew up on.

To the woke executives who greenlit this movie, Snow White requirements to be a badass woman employer and any idea that she requires to help of a male character to conquer the wicked Queen is offensive to the sensibilities of individuals who believe there is no distinction between males and females and desire biological males playing women’s sports.

The Snow White reboot was currently facing an uphill battle after being the subject of ruthless mockery on social networks over the decision to do away with the concept of the 7 Dwarfs and rather turn cast actors that would make Snow White and the 7 BLM and Atifa rioters a more apt title for this movie.

Bud Light revealed that when you insult your core audience’s values your clients will leave never to return.

Disney’s last numerous films already lost over a combined $1 billion.

And this woke Snow White remake might be the final straw.

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