Disney Finally Waves the White Flag


Disney Finally Waves the White Flag – Woke Mouse House Loses Its Most Critical Battle Yet

What’s Happening:

The battle between Republican-led Florida and the Walt Disney Company has been long documented. It started after Disney vowed to overturn a state law that protected parent’s rights in public schools. Gov. DeSantis fired back by revoking Disney’s special tax status in the state.

Disney, faced with a massive shift in its control over Disney World, hit back with a flurry of lawsuits. It appeared the company was trying to strongarm the state into bending to its will. Neither the governor nor state lawmakers were willing to budge. And now, it appears Disney is starting to back down.

From Daily Wire:

Disney narrowed the focus of its federal lawsuit against Florida Governor Ron DeSantis this week to claim that he politically retaliated against the company…

The company amended its lawsuit to drop other claims that it made in the case, including that the state “breached the company’s contractual rights…”

The revision shrinks the amended lawsuit nearly in half compared to the original suit.

The Walt Disney Company has amended its federal lawsuit against Florida, removing many of the claims against the government. All that seems to remain is a charge that the state was going after the company’s “free speech rights.”

This could be a sign the company knows its goose is cooked. It launched this lawsuit in apparent retaliation against the state lawfully making changes to its own laws.

Disney’s case might have been severely undermined if Florida used the company’s own comments in court. Top Disney executives vowed to overturn state law, in an apparent move to undermine the government’s authority.

This comes as Disney’s popularity wanes among Americans. Many previous fans of the company have canceled subscriptions and season tickets to its park. Box office returns continue to slip as the company laid off thousands and considers other major cutbacks.

A lengthy lawsuit against a state might only further hurt its image with customers.

Gov. DeSantis’s office is already considering this a win. They are calling for Disney’s “surrender” in this ongoing conflict. The governor had vowed to go to “war with woke” and Disney might have been his biggest target.

And it looks like he’s winning.

Key Takeaways:

  • Disney is amending its federal lawsuit against Florida, removing many claims.
  • The company has been battling the conservative state over changes.
  • This comes as Disney struggles financially, as Americans tune out their woke content.

Source: Daily Wire