Did They Just Walk into a TRAP Set for The EX-PRESIDENTS?


As the saying goes, fiddle around and find out.

To be frank, when I heard the verdict I laughed out loud!

They think no one is going to notice what they just did, and get away with it? Haha!

Even God says in Psalm 2: “The One who rules in Heaven laughs. The Lord scoffs at them.”

They overplayed their hand and did the opposite of what they wanted. Trump’s support has exploded!

No more Mr. Nice Guy should be the mindset of patriots everywhere.

BUT there’s more to it then just getting Trump more support from normies and emboldening current patriots.

This might’ve been a TRAP. 

And if so, they walked right into it.

What was done to President Trump has set a precedent.

And now it can be used against previous Presidents!

Any come to mind?

I wonder if any previous Presidents are concealing war crimes?

Megyn Kelly pointed out:

“You just wait, and it won’t be Hunter Biden the next time. It’s going to be Joe Biden. It could potentially still be Barack Obama.

It could still potentially be Hillary Clinton. We’re going to have to look at what the statutes of limitations are on the various crimes they surely committed.

We’re going to have to look at passing laws to revive those dead crimes, felonies, or misdemeanors so that those cases can be brought out of time. The only way to save the Republic now is to give them a taste of their own medicine.”

The US Sun reports:

So before you believe Trump’s chances are finished, know this: The American public, not the blind partisans but those struggling with inflation and gas prices and crime, see right through this travesty.

As it stands now, Trump leads in every major swing state in the country on average. He leads in almost every national poll. And an overwhelming majority of Americans don’t like political persecutions at all.

How do we know this? Just look at the last two sitting presidents to be impeached: Bill Clinton in 1999 and Donald Trump in 2019.

In Clinton’s case, there was a popular president who had won re-election quite easily in 1996 and was cruising toward a legacy on level with Ronald Reagan.

Peace. Prosperity. Potentially eight years of economic growth, almost no conflicts abroad and a feeling of normalcy.

Slick Willie was set to go down as an all-time great president.

nstead, he had an affair with a White House intern named Monica Lewinsky, which became very public in 1998 through the Drudge Report.

But here’s the thing: Clinton’s poll numbers only skyrocketed after his affair with Lewinsky engrossed the American people on a daily basis.

Republicans, in retrospect, overplayed their hand in impeaching Clinton for attempting to cover up the affair.

Result: Clinton left with nearly 70 percent approval, an all-time high for any two-term president since polling began. Why? Because a solid majority of Americans saw his impeachment as political.

As for Trump, his numbers also went up following his first impeachment over a phone call he had with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky regarding Trump’s call for an investigation of Joe and Hunter Biden for shady deals in that country.

Five years ago, Trump’s numbers also improved, albeit not as much as Clinton’s, but still in a positive direction. Why? Because the public saw the impeachment as political ahead of a presidential election.

Here’s a prediction: In polls taken post-guilty-verdict, expect to see Donald Trump’s numbers only go up while Biden continues to struggle.

🚨 NEW: Megyn Kelly suggests a reckoning is coming for Biden, Obama, and Clinton after Trump verdict.

“You just wait, and it won’t be Hunter Biden the next time. It’s going to be Joe Biden. It could potentially still be Barack Obama. It could still potentially be Hillary… pic.twitter.com/VCl9DxBKwL

— The Vigilant Fox 🦊 (@VigilantFox) May 31, 2024

Many on X are coming to the same conclusions.

This was the best case scenario!

Honestly, the verdict today was the best case scenario. If we understand that we are watching a movie right now, then we know this is only the beginning. Precedent has now been set: ex-Presidents can now stand trial for their crimes against humanity. The question is who’s up 1st?

— The Captain JW (@TheCaptainJW1) May 31, 2024

I wonder if the ex-Presidents will be sleeping peacfuly now?

This verdict should start making ex-presidents stay awake at nite…

— Noe Cantu Sr (@NoeCantu2) May 31, 2024

Look at these lovable Presidents. “Don’t worry, they’ll never find out. And if they do, they can’t touch us.”

Oh, I think they’re in for a big surprise. I hope they like surprises.

10 wars, 0 trials. Enough said. pic.twitter.com/6ryGO0la7T

— End Wokeness (@EndWokeness) May 31, 2024




LET’S GETTER DONE WHITE HATS 🇺🇸💯❤️ pic.twitter.com/wIdxoBytnN

— HOTROD (@RubenRodInSa) May 31, 2024

This is indeed like Trump’s mugshot moment.

Only, 100x greater!

The guilty verdict just boosts Trump’s outlaw folk hero status and shows Biden regime as the corrupt junta they are. They thought they had him with the mugshot. This will be mugshot on steroids. It’s…

BOOMERANG O’CLOCK pic.twitter.com/WvDqwbVfch

— American.357 (@ASimplePatriot) May 31, 2024

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