DHS Sends over $770M to Sanctuary Cities


(Molly Bruns, Headline USA) The Department of Homeland Security sent a massive amount of funds to non-governmental organizations and sanctuary cities in a delayed attempt to assist with the exploding illegal immigration crisis many of them faced.

DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas announced that the Federal Emergency Management Agency granted $770 million in federal funds to several nonprofits, according to Breitbart.

Catholic Charities, United Way, Mission: Border Hope, Louisiana Advocates for Immigrants in Detention and several other NGOs all received funds.

Cities such as Philadelphia, Chicago, Washington, DC, Albuquerque and New York City also collected money via the initiative. Towns along the border, such as McAllen, Texas, also accepted funds.

The DHS sent the funds via the Biden administration’s Shelter and Services Program, which may allow more immigrants to move into the U.S.

Reps. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, and Lance Gooden, R-Texas, requested detailed records on what states and organizations received funding and exactly how much money they took.

“The surge of illegal immigration, fueled in part by NGOs like those on the [Emergency Food and Shelter Program] National Board is unsustainable and unfair to law-abiding citizens and immigrants alike,” Gooden said.

The millions of illegal immigrants living in the United States cost taxpayers billions in annual funds, not including higher housing prices, depleted wages, lost jobs, increased crime, and fewer schooling and public health resources.

The Biden administration only added to the cost for American taxpayers, releasing apps allowing immigrants to cross the border more easily and suing states that made efforts to slow the flood of migrants.

Mexican cartels recently took control of the CBP One app in order to allow appointments for anyone in the world.

“It’s further evidence as this administration continues to try to come up with a new security paradigm along that border that I don’t think they really understand it,” said former Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Chad Wolfe.