DeSantis Shuts Down Leftist Holy Grail


DeSantis Shuts Down Leftist Holy Grail – Shatters Democrats with ‘Undeniable Facts’

What’s Happening:

Last week, the state of Florida was hit hard by Hurricane Idalia. As he’s done in the past, Gov. DeSantis put his campaign on hold to lead preparation and recovery efforts. Already, he’s helped the state mobilize aid and restore power to many parts of Florida’s Big Bend.

As if on cue, Democrats in the media used this powerful storm to push their climate agenda. A common claim among environmentalists is that these kinds of storms never happened until recent memory–undeniable proof of climate change. DeSantis, who was busy working to save lives, was having none of it. And he shut them down.

From Fox News:

GOP presidential candidate and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis hammered climate change alarmists in no uncertain terms during Hurricane Idalia’s aftermath…

“So, I think the notion that somehow hurricanes are something new, that’s just false. And we’ve got to stop politicizing the weather and stop politicizing natural disasters,” DeSantis said. “We know from history there’s been times when it’s very busy in Florida, late ‘40s, early ‘50s, you had a lot of hits of significant hurricanes.”

DeSantis slammed activists who are “politicizing” weather to push their far-left agenda. He pointed to an 1896 storm that had 125 mph winds, the same as Hurricane Idalia. There was also the Labor Day hurricane in 1935, which hammered the state.

The governor also cited that heavy hurricanes affected Florida in the late ’40s and early ’50s. Much like fellow GOP candidate Vivek Ramaswamy, DeSantis is using real history and facts to combat the left’s climate alarmism.

It appears Democrats don’t know much about American history. Or, they are counting on younger generations to not bother to research this kind of thing. Terrible storms have hit the Florida coast for time out of mind. It’s rare for them to be very powerful, but that does happen every few decades.

But it seems the left wants to use shock and awe to convince Americans today that this kind of thing never happened before. And that it must be due to climate change, proving our need for radical policies that hammer innovation and progress.

Even many Republicans fail to stand up to the environmental mafia, afraid of being called “anti-science.” But DeSantis is using actually facts and history to refute the left’s claim. While he and others are trying to recover, the left is politicizing a natural disaster.

Who would you rather have in office?

Key Takeaways:

  • Ron DeSantis blasted climate alarmists over the recent Hurricane Idalia.
  • He referenced powerful hurricanes that hit Florida in the 1800s, 1940s, and 1950s.
  • The governor criticized Democrats for politicizing weather and natural disasters.

Source: Fox News