Democrats PANIC As Spanish Language Channel Reverses Course On Trump


Univision, the leading Spanish-language television network in the United States, has actually demonstrated a notable shift in its coverage of former President Donald Trump, and might show to enhance Trump as the 2024 election nears. The modification is available in the wake of the landmark merger in between Mexico’s media giant Grupo Televisa and Univision, creating a new entity, TelevisaUnivision, with an extraordinary reach of over 100 million Spanish speakers daily.

The relationship in between Trump and Univision has actually developed considerably considering that previous cycles; the network was slammed by Trump’s project as a “leftist propaganda maker” in years past. Nevertheless, last week’s interview conducted by Televisa journalist Enrique Acevedo with Trump at Mar-a-Lago showcased a more beneficial tone towards Trump. The interview marked a significant departure from Univision’s earlier position.

“Mr. President, thank you so much for making the effort to speak to us today. We truly value it,” Acevedo stated.

“The combination of content assets from Televisa and Univision, the two leading media companies from the two biggest Spanish-speaking markets worldwide, has developed a company with remarkable potential,” Alfonso de Angoitia, Executive Chairman of the TelevisaUnivision Board of Directors, specified back in 2022.

“With our attractive monetary profile and history of development, TelevisaUnivision is ready to reinvent the industry by delivering the most thorough Spanish-language material offering to audiences around the world.”

The ramifications of the shift are extensive, particularly thinking about the upcoming 2024 U.S. governmental election. Univision’s modification in tone towards Trump is particularly significant provided the network’s influence among Hispanic voters, an essential market in American politics.

If the election was held today, polls find that Trump might travel to success. Biden on the other hand, has actually discovered himself losing a number of crucial demographics by a large margin, consisting of Hispanics and Independents. A Sienna Survey discovered that Trump is winning the Hispanic vote by 6 points, while overall, the former president gathered 43 percent of the vote from nonwhite voters.

“The Latino vote is so extraordinary because they boggle the mind individuals,” Trump said in his interview with Acevedo on November 7th. “They have incredible abilities, amazing energy, and they’re very entrepreneurial. All you have to do is take a look at the owners of Univision.”

“They boggle the mind entrepreneurial individuals. And they like me. You know, there’s never ever been anything like it in the Republican Celebration.”

The previous president continued, “I have actually been a Republican and am a Republican, and we have remarkable support from the, I call Hispanic, Latino, you have lots of various terms. However it all implies the exact same thing as far as I’m worried. It’s they’re just great people, amazing individuals. And they also want security if they’re in the United States or if they remain in Mexico or anywhere else. They feel strong about security, and we offer that. And yeah, the polls, nobody’s ever seen anything like it.”

The merger, valued at around $4.8 billion, has actually developed a Spanish-language content powerhouse, integrating Televisa’s extensive media assets with Univision’s influential U.S. presence.

The development of TelevisaUnivision, a media giant now possessing the most extensive collection of Spanish-language shows in the industry boasting around 300,000 hours of material, has established a dominant media entity. It also appears to have actually impacted the editorial approach of Univision, a most likely plus for Trump at the polls in 2024.