Dem Rep. To Launch Primary Campaign Against Biden


(Headline USA) Rep. Dean Phillips, D-Minn., reportedly plans to launch a primary bid against President Joe Biden, citing the president’s low approval ratings and the public’s concerns about his age.

Phillips is expected to announce his campaign in New Hampshire on Friday, the last day for candidates to file to place their name on the state’s presidential primary.

New Hampshire Secretary of State Dave Scanlan confirmed Phillips has “scheduled some space on the front lawn of the statehouse,” and said a primary challenge against Biden would “be a healthy thing for the New Hampshire primary.”

New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley was less enthusiastic.

“Of course we would be gracious hosts, as is our tradition, but both polling and grassroots interactions in New Hampshire reveal a high level of support for President Biden among the likely voters,” Buckley said when asked about the bid. “It would be a tough challenge for Phillips or anyone. But sure, c’mon on up!”

Video footage on Twitter, also showed Phillips’s campaign bus, plastered with “Dean Phillips for President,” traveling along an Ohio highway.

Phillips has been one of the only Democrats to vocally criticize Biden for seeking re-election.

He specifically raised concerns in August about Biden’s age, calling on the president to “pass the torch” to the next generation of Democratic leaders.

“This is about how people feel,” he said. “It’s about how people feel—people want to turn the page, I think that’s fair to say.” 

The White House dismissed Phillips’s bid on Tuesday, arguing the Democratic congressman  has supported “nearly 100% of the president’s legislative agenda” and should just endorse Biden.

“We appreciate the congressman’s almost 100% support of this president,” White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said.

Earlier this month, Phillips stepped down from Democratic leadership in Congress, citing his position on Biden’s re-election bid.