Cops Come Up Empty Handed as Gun-Toting Suspect Gets Away


So Chicago police urged a woman to come to a halt. The woman refuses to cooperate and instead throws a gun at the couple. They each fired one or two shots at a woman before turning tail and fleeing like scalded dogs.

Neither hand appears to have a working radio. The female officer’s phone was ringing, and she was frantically attempting to control it in her left hand while clutching a malfunctioning Glock in her right. Jesus. The male half was directing her to turn on the radio. Why? Because he couldn’t reach the squad’s microphone?

While this, ahem, “foolishness” was going on, the suspect fled and was never located. The two cops are lucky that the suspect didn’t circle the buildings and shoot them in the rear as they concentrated on where they last saw her.

The comments on this video are pretty harsh.

Starting with this one:

  • I spent 28 years in law enforcement and neither of these two should be police officers. What a disgrace. I guess this is what happens when you lower the standards to be a officer.  

  • As an officer I can say that they did exactly what a pedestrian should do. Run from the danger and call in the experts. They are in the wrong profession. Not to mention the female officers inability to clear her jammed side arm while also pointing it at traffic.


  • Dear Lord. Is this what well trained police looks like ? They can’t protect themselves. How can they protect anyone else.


  • Mandatory DEI hiring at its finest. Someone just pointed a pipe at you that could end everything in a split second. What do they do? One turns his back and runs. One calls the suspect “ma’am”, doesn’t immediately fire, can’t clear a gun jam, can’t talk on the radio, so worried about picking up a round ejected from finally clearing the gun jam when they have no clue where the suspect went, blames the whole situation on her gun jamming and not herself, then talks about not dealing with overtime anymore because they get to deal with the baddd people. @The8Don


  • If I was a criminal, these are the cops I want chasing me.


  • No wonder crime is rampant in Chicago. The dynamic duo can’t effectively communicate, have no radio on their person, can’t shoot their way out of a wet paper bag, she clearly has no clue how her gun works, they obviously don’t know what cover looks like and the woman got walked away at a leisurely pace while they shat themselves. Welcome to Chicago PD. @johnjones0694