Congress Could Kill Biden’s Internet Subsidization by Not Acting


(Headline USA) Biden’s internet subsidy program, the Affordable Connectivity Program, could be defunded if Congress fails to act.

The program is set to expire next year.

The Affordable Connectivity Program has failed to reach its intended audience.

According to an Associated Press analysis of enrollment and census data, less than 40% of eligible households have utilized the program.

The program provides monthly subsidies of $30, and in some cases, up to $75, to help pay for internet connections.

The program’s future is uncertain. Its primary source of funding, a $14.2 billion allocation, is projected to run out by the middle of 2024.

That could end subsidized access to the internet.

Enrollment in approximately 30 states lags behind the national average.

The program emerged from the COVID hysteria spending spree and began with some 9 million households nationally.

Adapted from reporting by the Associated Press