Comic Costs Maher spoke one brutal truth that Democrats never wished to hear


Anthony Quintano from Mount Laurel, United States, CC BY 2.0, through Wikimedia Commons

Democrats are being required to face the repercussions of their failed policies.

That’s causing some uneasy discussions.

And comic Costs Maher spoke one harsh fact that Democrats never wished to hear.

The tables were turned on Democrat-controlled sanctuary states and cities by Republicans like Texas Guv Greg Abbott and Florida Guv Ron DeSantis.

Unlawful aliens were transferred to these Democrat jurisdictions that declared to welcome them with open arms.

Democrat politicians remain in meltdown mode over dealing with a small portion of unlawful aliens that Texas and other border states handle every day.

Comedian Costs Maher roasted sanctuary city supporting Democrats on his HBO show Actual time.

He said that Republicans who bussed illegal aliens to sanctuary cities “called the Democrats’ bluff about sanctuary cities,” and exposed them as complete hypocrites.

“Here’s how severe the circumstance is: You understand, they’ve been busing the migrants to the cities now,” Maher said during his opening monologue. “They type of called the Democrats’ bluff about sanctuary cities, and they said oh, you like them so much? Here you go. And the cities do not like it so much.”

New York City Mayor Eric Adams alerted that the influx of prohibited aliens flooding his city would ruin it.

State and local Democrat political leaders have turned on President Joe Biden and demanded that he do something about it to fix the border crisis.

“I love Eric Adams … he went today, to Mexico,” Maher continued. “He’s going to Mexico, Ecuador, and Colombia, I think door-to-door, no, really, just to tell people personally, we don’t have room, I’m not joking, do not come. That’s pretty remarkable. No, he’s telling these individuals, we do not have space. This is New York City City. Don’t you understand our catchphrase? We’re the Little Apple. And our signature tune, if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere, so go anywhere, do not come here.”

Adams was extensively buffooned for traveling to Latin America to warn locals not to come to the U.S. for a promotion stunt that was a wild-goose chase and taxpayer cash.

Maher stated that transporting illegal aliens around the nation opened eyes to the damage caused by the border crisis.

“The border crisis has sort of become a nationwide crisis,” Maher said. “It was constantly something like oh, it’s down there, and yes, it’s bad. However it’s– and now it’s all over the country due to the fact that they’ve been busing the migrants etc.”

The Department of Homeland Security made the shocking choice to reveal the building and construction of 20 miles of border wall in hard-hit South Texas.

“It looks like Biden is adopting [Trump’s] policy,” Maher included. “This does not look good for the Democrats. Likewise, they look like sanctuary city hypocrites. They were the ones who stated, appearance, we’re the compassionate individuals. Everybody should get a shot here. And after that when they started sending out– I imply, the [quotations] from Eric Adams, this is the mayor of liberal New york city, this problem will ruin our city.”

Republicans entirely altered the discussion around unlawful migration by transferring unlawful aliens to sanctuary cities.