Clarence Thomas shut down this sinister plan versus Donald Trump’s project


Trump White Home Archive, Public Domain, through Flickr

Democrats want to try anything to keep Donald Trump out of the White House.

They reached deep into their bag of techniques to keep him off of the ballot.

However Clarence Thomas shut down this sinister plan versus Donald Trump’s campaign.

Democrats are waging an unmatched lawfare campaign versus former President Donald Trump to thwart his campaign.

The 4 criminal indictments against the former President have actually drawn the most attention however Democrats thought they had a secret weapon to keep him from appearing on tallies next year.

Left-wing groups are utilizing an unique legal argument under the 14th Change of the Constitution.

The 14th Modification’s Disqualification Clause prohibits a person from holding federal or state office if they have taken an oath of office in assistance of the Constitution as an elected official and “participated in insurrection or rebellion” or “given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof.”

The provision was added to the amendment when it was passed after the Civil War to avoid previous Confederates from running for chosen office.

The majority of the former Confederates were given amnesty after the war by Congress.

The obscure clause has just been utilized as soon as since the start of the 20th Century.

Democrats and their media allies claim without proof that Trump is guilty of “insurrection” over the occasions of January 6.

Trump is facing no charges of insurrection for any of his criminal indictments by overeager Democrat district attorneys who would hit him with it if the chance was there.

However left-wing activists are attempting to get a court to concur with their claim that Trump dedicated insurrection to get him kicked off of the ballot.

They’re horrified of President Joe Biden losing to him next year so they’re trying to keep citizens from having the choice to send him back to the White Home.

However Justice Clarence Thomas and the Supreme Court squashed the dreams of Democrats when they declined to hear a case brought versus Trump utilizing the 14th Change’s Disqualification Stipulation.

Unknown Republican Presidential prospect John Anthony Castro submitted a claim versus Trump previously this year to get him disqualified over January 6.

The Supreme Court rejecting his case suggests that his Hail Mary to stop Trump is dead in the water.

Castro’s case was previously dismissed in June by a federal judge.

Utilizing the 14th Modification to stop Donald Trump was constantly a legal long shot but the Supreme Court slammed the door shut on this cheat.