Christian NBA Player Announces Basketball Shoes w/ Bible Verses


(Dmytro “Henry” Aleksandrov, Headline USA) A Christian NBA player Jonathan Isaac who became famous after he refused to kneel for the U.S. national anthem during the 2020 BLM insanity announced on Monday the arrival of “the first basketball sneaker with visible Bible verses.”

Isaac revealed in his announcement that the new signature shoe would be called “Judah 1.”

“Most people see the ‘Judah 1’ as an outlandish endeavor… shoot, when we first started, so did I. I was afraid that delivering a sneaker that represented our values without compromising style or performance was too tall a task. But here we are! The first basketball sneaker with visible Bible verses becomes available in Just 3 days!” Isaac said.

He also added that a person who wants to buy himself a pair would need to sign up at the link in his “bio” on Twitter to be notified as soon as the sneakers would be available.

“To live boldly means standing up for what you believe in,” Isaac said in the ad.

He then added that he wanted to “give people the freedom to wear their values on their feet.”

“Making a decision to be authentically you, no matter what anybody has to say about it, no matter what anybody thinks, no matter what you may face or come up against,” Isaac said.

After that, he described the show itself.

“This is the first basketball sneaker with a visible Bible verse on the outside. And I tried my best to come up with Bible verses that were important to me and spoke to my journey and spoke to who I am as an individual,” Isaac said, returning to his Christian message after that.

“Understanding that Christ is with me and I’m never alone gives me the strength to live boldly. I can’t wait to lace ’em up. And I’ll be saying to myself 2nd Corinthians 4:9. It says, ‘Persecuted but not abandoned. Struck down but not destroyed.’ And I’ll walk on that court,” he said.