Christian Business Becomes Target of Communists, LGBT Activists: ‘They Want … Our Doors Shut’


Left-wing activists are trying to drive a Denver coffee shop out of business because it follows the biblical teaching on homosexuality.

If you haven’t visited Denver recently or ever, the city needs someone to intervene. Just three weeks ago, I witnessed its rampant homelessness.

I saw two men threaten to kill one another on 16th Street over something or other — probably drugs. People sleep on sidewalks and some of the gutters are littered with human waste.

Local police don’t bother them and city officials have no apparent interest in making the once-clean city safe for people flying in to visit the breathtaking Rocky Mountains.

Enter a nonprofit Christian ministry called Recycle God’s Love, which opened up a small coffee shop this year just a few blocks from the Colorado State Capitol.


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Its mission is a simple one: “The Drip Cafe is a Ministry Driven Cafe that helps the Homeless Community in Denver.” The Drip provides jobs for people who are struggling with homelessness and mental illness.

For a city beleaguered by these problems, one would think anyone offering to help would be welcome.

But Recycle God’s Love is being disrupted by LGBT protesters and self-avowed communists who want the business — and its work for those in need — gone.

Ministry founder Jamie Sanchez recently explained to CBN News how the woke mob is trying to prevent him from helping others.

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“Their goal is to scare away any customers that might want to walk in the door by spreading misinformation about who we are,” Sanchez said. “They show up every Saturday morning and then they also show up in a larger number on the first Fridays of each month.”

Sanchez said the protests have been going on since early June. The activists have also defaced the building and broken windows.

He added, “It’s made a large impact. … The sales are significantly lower, and so that’s really their goal. They said they want … our doors shut. They don’t want us in their city. They don’t want us. They told me they don’t want me on the planet.”

The activists were seemingly triggered by language about homosexuality on Recycle God’s Love’s website.


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According to FaithWire, the site previously stated:

“This organization is opposed to homosexuality as an alternative lifestyle. Additionally, this organization holds that a homosexual lifestyle is contrary to God’s Word and purpose for humanity (I Timothy 1:10).

“The Bible instructs that it is a sin that leads to death. Moreover, this organization is instructed to love those living such lifestyles, while abhorring their sin.”

Recycle God’s Love has updated its website slightly in order to let its left-wing neighbors know it is about loving others — although the group still makes it clear it follows the Word of God when it comes to homosexuality.

The commies, of course, won’t budge:

As a person who enjoys the good things Colorado has to offer, I can testify that Denver desperately needs to do something about its tent cities, roaming schizophrenics and aggressive drug addicts.

As the Mile High City appears to be on its way to becoming the next San Francisco, it’s only natural that locals are busy vandalizing a Christian ministry rather than actually helping anyone. The far-left is much more concerned with “owning the conservatives” than with doing anything productive.

The proof is on Denver’s streets, where progressives parade around in rainbow garb and ignore distressed people engaged in activities such as yelling at street signs.

Their mission is not to clean up their city, show kindness to strangers or ease suffering in any way.

No, Denver’s most ardent left-wing residents want to close down a coffee shop because those who operate it do not agree with their twisted worldview.

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