Chris Christie melted down on live television over this truth about Donald Trump


Image by Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0,, through Wikimedia Commons

There may be no larger RINO running for President than Chris Christie.

Christie’s campaign is going no place.

And Chris Christie melted down on live TV over this truth about Donald Trump.

Chris Christie lost it throughout an interview with Newsmax’s Eric Bolling.

Christie generally sticks to CNN and MSNBC where his Never-Trump fantasies never go undisputed by left-wing hosts.

However Bolling confronted Christie about the fact after months of attacking Donald Trump as a liar, a criminal, and a threat to democracy that surveys reveal Christie to be the most disliked Republican in the field.

Bolling wondered if that implied it was time for Christie to alter tact.

Christie flew off the handle yelling at Bolling that Trump could not win because a Democrat district attorney, a Democrat judge, and an all-Democrat jury in Washington, D.C. would convict Trump on made charges.

“And by the method, the reason I make that case is not just because I want to win, however I want our celebration to win, and he [Trump] will not beat Joe Biden from, you understand, a courtroom in Washington, D.C., where he’s being tried for criminal activities. And now, Eric, his own chief of personnel has signed up to testify against him. Not some, you know, woke district attorney. Not some insane Democrat from the Justice Department. Mark Meadows, among the creators of the Liberty Caucus and his chief of staff, is going to affirm that Donald Trump dedicated criminal activities,” Christie specified.

“I believe we should have better as the Republican politician Party and as the United States than a guy who’s going to be convicted of felonies this April,” Christie added.

Bolling mocked the idea that anyone would take a rigged program trial the Democrats staged in Washington, D.C. seriously.

“By who, Chris? By a lot of liberal Democrats that are trying to take him down since they fear him,” Bolling shot back.

“No! No! Not by a lot of liberal Democrats,” Christie falsely claimed.

Christie then claimed that former Trump chief of personnel Mark Meadows would convict Trump with his testament.

“I’m not a numbers guy, I’m a character guy, and when Mark Meadows gets on that stand, whatever I’ve been stating about Donald Trump that you have actually been making fun of me about for months is going to end up being true. The fact is coming, child. The fact is coming,” Christie concluded.

No one understands what Meadows is going to state or if it will even assist Joe Biden.

And Christie is incorrect.

Meadows won’t convict Trump– that duty lies with the 12 Democrats stacking the jury.