California Nails Parents with Shock Threat


California Nails Parents with Shock Threat – Judges Might Be Forced to Do This Very Soon

What’s Happening:

Radical leftists across the nation are doing everything they can to destroy traditional family values and parental controls. Any thought from a parent who disagrees with leftist ideals is being attacked at every level of government.

Parents have been voicing complaints about woke policies that infringe on their rights as parents on everything from the books their children read or who showers with their children at school.

Now parents in this blue state face the harsh hammer of leftist ideology turned into law that could destroy families with a simple complaint. Parents face losing custody of their children if they don’t bow to woke ideals.

From the Daily Caller:

California may soon require judges to consider if a parent “affirms” their child’s “gender identity” when making custody decisions under a bill that the California Senate passed Wednesday.

Gender identity or expression, the leftist lawmakers say, should be a part of the health and well-being of a child, which is considered during custody or visitation proceedings in family court. This wacked-out, woke law comes from the twisted liberal minds of Democrat lawmakers in the California legislature.

The law is popular among the woke legislators of the The Golden State. The California Senate passed the legislation 30-9 on Wednesday. That is an overwhelming majority of woke minds who want to strip parents of their rights to raise their children according to their personal values.

This the latest attack against parents in the deep Blue state at a time when many Red states are passing laws that limit or prohibit minors from accessing sex-change procedures. The debate over “gender affirmation” rages at all levels of government, including school boards, across the country.

California’s latest attempt to sideline or punish parents who disagree with woke ideology is not welcome by Republicans.

“Inserting this into the mix is going to pit one parent against the other and make things worse,” Republican California Sen. Kelly Seyarto said, according to the AP.

The law is likely to make its way to the radical leftist governor’s office in California. This will be another reason for caring parents to pack their belongings and move with their children to a state with sensible views of parental rights. California as a governing body is nothing more than a psychotic intrusion into the personal freedoms of individuals of all ages.

Key Takeaways:

  • Deep Blue state wants to nullify parents’ rights over their children.
  • “Gender affirmation” is at the center of a new law to hammer parents.
  • Republicans believe this legislation could further split parents and children.

Source: Daily Caller