California Approves 28th Amendment for U.S. Constitution


California Approves 28th Amendment for U.S. Constitution – It’s a Major Democrat Holy Grail

What’s Happening:

Gun control is a tip-of-the-spear political talking point in California and its liberal governor just passed another milestone toward altering the U.S. Constitution.

The legislation from Gov. Gavin Newsome (D) is intended to restrict one of the fundamental personal rights guaranteed by the Constitution. He wants the change, and he now has the backing of the California Legislature.

California lawmakers last week approved a resolution to push forward a 28th amendment to the Constitution. This would add more layers of gun control in one of the strongest gun-control states in the nation.

From Breitbart:

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Newsom’s amendment would restrict the Second Amendment by raising the minimum purchase age for all guns to 21, institute a waiting period on firearm purchases, ban firearms which Democrats label “assault weapons,” and institute universal background checks.

The state already has all of these restrictions in place in some form at the state level along with many others. On June 5, 2022, Breitbart News pointed out California was No. 1 in gun control and, in 2021, No. 1 in “active shooter incidents” as well.

In addition to the four gun control restrictions outlined, Newsom’s amendment would also allow states to override the U.S. Supreme Court’s Bruen (2022) decision and stop the carrying of guns in public.

Pushing this amendment legislation across the finish line on a national level has a long way to go. California state lawmakers passed the resolution that calls for a “constitutional convention of the states to consider a new amendment on gun control.” Two-thirds of the 50 states must vote in favor of a constitutional convention before any proposed amendment can be considered. That is a difficult task considering today’s heavily split political landscape between Blue and Red states.

Constitutional law scholars have warned against calling for holding a convention of states. There is no guarantee that a 28th amendment would pass or that liberals could stop other amendments from being considered. At such a meeting the doors could be opened for additional amendments, such as a ban on “abortion or gay marriage,” according to Breitbart’s report.

Key Takeaways:

  • Heavily Blue state pushes constitutional amendment to limit rights.
  • California lawmakers pass legislation to weaken the Second Amendment.
  • The legislation would ban firearms that Democrats call “assault weapons.”

Source: Breitbart