BUTT WHOOPED: Do We Need More Of This In America…Or Was This Too Much?


Ok folks, need your opinion on this.

This is going absolutely viral and it’s splitting people about 50/50 right now the middle.

Kind of like how this kid got “split down the middle” by a whoopin!

So let me explain…

The story goes that this kid stole something from the man with the belt, and the community decided to “police its own”.

Actually, the guy who had his property stolen asked the kid if he’d rather go home to his mother or get a whoopin’.

The kid choose the whoopin’.

Watch here:



And a backup copy here:



And in case Twitter is blocking those, I have a backup for you saved on Rumble:

So….I need to know what you think.

Was this too much?

Over the top?

Or actually exactly what we need in America!

A little more consequence for bad behavior!

Get a bruised ass for a couple days but learn a lesson that lasts a lifetime.

What do you think?

Drop me a comment below and let me know which side you’re on.

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