BREAKING: Trump Stuns Rally Attendees Following Gag Order: ‘I Want To Go To prison’


During his rally on Monday, previous President Donald J. Trump required to the phase in Clive, Iowa and rebuked the gag order Judge Tanya Chutkan provided against him earlier today.

Video shared by RSBN to X, shows Trump discussing, “They’re getting beaten really terribly by me in the surveys They think the only method they can catch me is to stop me from speaking, they want to remove my voice. A judge provided a gag order today. Did you hear that? On speech. Which I believe is totally unconstitutional, what she did.”

He then took objective at Chutkan, “A judge offered a gag order. A judge doesn’t like me excessive. Her whole life is not liking me.” Ouch.

“But uh, she provided me a gag order. Do you know what a gag order is?” He then stated mockingly, “You can’t speak severely about your opponent.” He added, “However this is weaponry all being done due to the fact that Joe Biden is losing the election. And losing really, very severely to everybody in the surveys.”

Then Trump dropped the proverbial bomb:

“But what they do not comprehend is that I want to go to jail if that’s what it takes for our country to win and to become a democracy again.”

The Iowa crowd blew up into cheers and whistles.

The response to Trump’s bold declaration on X was instant with Daniel Baldwin, OANN National Political Reporter observing “Pres. Trump likes his nation a lot he ‘d sacrifice whatever and go to prison to wait. Consider that …”

As formerly reported by TPN, Trump was issued a gag order by U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan in the continuous case against him in Washington, D.C. from Special Counsel Jack Smith which focuses around his conduct before, throughout, and subsequent to the January sixth Capitol Riot.