BREAKING: Kevin McCarthy Simply Got Some BAD News


The calls to oust House Speaker Kevin McCarthy continued to grow on Tuesday as the body’s leading Democrat gotten in touch with his caucus to side with a sliver of conservative Republicans and vote to remove him from workplace.

House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) indicated his intention by requiring a vote versus a procedural motion to postpone a vote on vacating the speaker’s chair, an indication that the New york city Democrat plans to move rapidly in replacing McCarthy. Must he be able to successfully whip all 212 members of his caucus, Rep. Jeffries would need simply five conservative Republicans to participate a bulk vote to eliminate McCarthy.

Voting on McCarthy’s future gets underway at 2:00 PM EST.

Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-FL), who has actually led the insurgent rebellion against McCarthy and submitted the original motion to vacate, said Tuesday that either McCarthy or President Joe Biden is “lying” about a prospective offer to provide more financial assistance to Ukraine, an essential sticking point in moneying the U.S. federal government. Speaker McCarthy eventually counted on Democrats to money a three-week extension however did not include a help plan which would have lost him scores of votes within his own caucus.

Speaking with reporters, Gaetz stated, “We heard the president come out and say there was a handle the Speaker on Ukraine and the Speaker just stood up in front of everybody and stated that there’s no offer on Ukraine. The House Democrats state there’s a deal on Ukraine, so we’re going to have to sort that out. We’re going to have to sort out who’s lying.”


If McCarthy undoubtedly guaranteed additional help to Ukraine in exchange for a promise from Democrats to help him keep his speakership, the Republican leader would likely see his own standing within the GOP damaged beyond repair work. Criticism of excessively generous and relentless aid plans to Ukraine during its war with Russia has ended up being a rallying cry for conservatives who are intent on directing federal government funds back home to protect the nation’s own borders.

Earlier in the day, conservative lawmaker Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) sided with McCarthy, writing on X that no one else in the caucus wants to step up and fill the speakership ought to McCarthy be gotten rid of. That must offer Republicans time out.

“If the Speaker is abandoned, your home comes to a stop, no expenses can be passed, nothing can be done till we elect another Speaker,” composed Greene.