BREAKING: Comer Drops Biden BOMBSHELL, Uncovers Chinese Cash Laundering Path


Home Oversight Chair James Comer( R-KY )laid out a damning case versus President Joe Biden and his household, accusing the Biden clan of funneling countless dollars from a company connected to the Chinese Community Party through “shady” business, with a few of that money ultimately winding up in Biden’s individual checking account.

Rep. Comer, one of the essential Republicans leading the impeachment query into President Biden, laid out the timeline and transactions in a slick video posted to X Wednesday. In it, he says Hunter Biden pressed a Chinese business to pay his business $10 million otherwise face the wrath of then-Vice President Biden.

In 2017, Comer said, Hunter sent out a message to an executive at CEFC requiring a $10 million capital payment, claiming he was sitting with his daddy and that “the Biden network would turn on the partner if he didn’t pony up the cash.”

“I am sitting here with my father, and we want to comprehend why the commitment made has actually not been satisfied,” Hunter Biden told Henry Zhao, the director of Chinese possession management firm Harvest Fund Management. “And, Z, if I get a call or text from anybody involved in this besides you, Zhang or the chairman, I will make sure that in between the man sitting beside me and everyone he knows and my ability to permanently hold a grudge that you will be sorry for not following my direction.”

Zhao responded, in part, “CEFC is willing to work together with the family.”

According to Comer, just days later an initial $5 million payment was made from one business connected to CEFC to another managed by Hunter and a partner from CEFC. The trail of dispensations eventually reached James and Sarah Biden, who eventually cut a check to Biden himself in the amount of $40,000 and identified it as a “loan repayment.”

“It’s certainly possible … it was indeed a loan payment to Joe,” Comer said. “However even if this $40,000 check was a loan repayment from James Biden, it still shows how Joe gained from his family capitalizing his name with money from China no less. Without his family pitching his name, and his boy threatening a CEFC connect with consequences that he stated Joe Biden understood about, James would not have had the $40,000 to compose a check to his bro Joe.”

The scheme “started when Joe Biden was still Vice President,” Comer concludes, showing how Biden “exposed himself to blackmail and put America’s interests behind his own desire for cash.”

President Biden specified in 2020 that his household never ever took cash from China, a claim that has given that been proven false through the Oversight Committee’s strenuous exploration of bank documents and e-mails from Hunter’s laptop showing how Biden showered Chinese executives with personal telephone call, check outs, and even a recommendation letter for one man’s child.

House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) is expected to reinvigorate the impeachment query into Biden, which began under his predecessor Kevin McCarthy (R-CA). Biden has actually denied all participation in his household’s business affairs in spite of evidence and testament revealing otherwise. A large bulk of Americans think Biden was included to some level.