BREAKING: Bombshell Docs Blow Massive Hole In White House Drug Narrative


Newly launched files acquired through a Flexibility of Details Act (FOIA) request by Jesse Watters of Fox News have blown open the narrative surrounding the drug scandal at the White Home. The documents not just oppose earlier statements by the Secret Service but also raise disconcerting concerns about the stability and openness of the Biden administration.

At first, the story unfolded when a bag of cocaine was discovered in the library of the White Home, a place where the first family resides. The preliminary finding was later changed to various other areas, including outside the Situation Space and then to a cubby in a location with high foot traffic. The constant shifting of the discovery website has resulted in prevalent confusion and suspicion, specifically thinking about the presence of Hunter Biden at the White House.

Watters explained the disparity in the Trick Service’s story, stating, “How do you mistake the library for the circumstance room and the circumstance space for the cubbies?”

More making complex the investigation, the compound initially evaluated positive for numerous substances, consisting of opioids, amphetamines, and drug, before being conclusively recognized as drug. This inconsistency in testing created suspicion and caused more concerns about the handling of the case.

The most damning discovery, however, takes apart the Secret Service claim that no DNA was discovered on the drug baggie; in the files exposed by Watters, there is reportedly evidence that DNA was found and maintained.

“They did discover DNA on the baggie– it was processed and transferred to a proof vault for preservation,” Watters exposed.

This flip-flop by the Secret Service has stimulated outrage and accusations of a cover-up. As Watters put it, “So the Secret Service lied. And so did the White House.”

In a conversation with James Fitzgerald, a retired FBI criminal profiler, Watters dug much deeper into the ramifications of these findings. Fitzgerald expressed his bewilderment at the investigation’s complexity, stating, “It appears like obfuscation is the prime operating word here. Confuse everyone as much as possible.”

The conservation of DNA proof, in spite of the damage of the cocaine bag, points to a prospective insurance plan for future advancements in the case. This, combined with the White Home’s evasion of in-depth discuss the matter, has actually caused a cloud of suspicion hanging over Biden and his administration.

Watters asked,” Does it seem to you that they found it on the flooring of the library? Because that’s what it sounds like to me. They found it on the floor of the library and then they moved it all around and it ended up in a cubby where there was no electronic camera and 500 suspects. Isn’t that what it is? It’s a cover-up.”

The White Home’s action, or lack thereof, to the scandal was regularly met criticism. Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre’s dismissal of the matter as “shameful” did not sit well with those desiring openness.

Images of the drug found in the locker at the White House were released the other day to the public for the very first time. The images, gotten through a Flexibility of Information Act demand by the DailyMail, reveal the bag of white powder discovered in a cubby hole near the White House’s West Executive entryway.

The discovery, which stimulated widespread controversy in June, was initially made public following an evacuation of the White House grounds due to the discovery of “an unknown white substance” in the complex.