Break free from the uniparty’s dominance with the ‘Law of Sex’


The rules and left/right vocabulary of the “culture war” were invented by the godless elites to control social change to serve themselves. The terms originate in revolutionary France where the Monarchists sat on the right and the Proto-Marxists, supposedly representing the subjects of the monarchy, sat on the left in Parliament. The later characterization of these polar opposites as “conservative” and “progressive” was sheer genius on the part of the elites, guaranteeing the perpetual leftward movement of culture (for everyone who accepts that rulebook).

This controlling paradigm that steers America and the entire Western world assumes as fact that leftward movement is social progress and rightward movement is regression. It relegates rightists to the permanent, limited role of foot-draggers, who, at best, conserve the status quo of the moment – for a moment – before capitulating. The elites recognize the value of incrementalism, so they use conservatism like downshifting to a lower gear when the speed of “progress” creates excessive anxiety in the population. However, while the slowing of leftward “progress” can be tolerated until society “catches up” with the new norms, any rightward movement that actually rolls back leftist gains is “regressive” by definition and can never be allowed to stand.

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The only true threat to the elites is populism, properly understood. True populism is best recognized in the American founders’ concept of collective self-governance, by sovereign individuals, exercising inalienable natural rights backed by law. This true populist paradigm necessarily presupposes a law-giving Creator to whom all individuals equally owe allegiance – negating any right of self-serving tyrants to impose laws at odds with the will and best interests of the governed.

Like any social phenomenon, populism spans a spectrum of many variations (including Republican and Democrat forms – e.g., the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street), but in terms of purity all are measured against the founders’ model as outlined in their Declaration of Independence from the tyrannical British Empire. But tyranny never really died in America, it just moved to the shadows for a while and then reemerged with a new name and playbook rooted in the two-party system. We modern populists call our generation of controlling elites the Purple Uniparty because their cabal operates as a single controlling and unifying strata across the top of both the Red and Blue parties.

However, everywhere the progressive/conservative paradigm operates, whether it’s a two party, multiparty, or fully centralized one-party system, the controlling elites use the same strategy to defeat populism: polarization. They divide us to conquer us, and it usually works.

The elites know that their self-serving social changes always breed populist resistance, but gradual change is too slow for their purposes, so they follow a pattern of pushing big waves of rapid “progressive” change followed by periods of “conservative” cool-down. And they intentionally set a goal further than they can reach, so their later “retreat” from the furthest extremes of their unreachable goal looks to the public looks like a compromise. It’s the Marxist dialectic of two steps forward, one step back being purposely played out on the grandest of scales: nationally and globally.

Now populism is not naturally a left/right political phenomenon but is more properly measured by the strength of one’s preference for liberty vs. top-down control, or one’s inclination toward natural systems and lifestyles vs. artificial ones. Left alone, populist-minded people have much more in common than they disagree upon. But deliberate issue-driven political polarization causes people to take sides to the left or right – and through many cycles of repetition has the cumulative effect of increasingly hardening each side in positions toward the extremes.

The elites know that the Left is easier to manipulate because leftists are (generally speaking) more susceptible to subjectivity and emotionalism, while (generally speaking) those on the right are more oriented toward objectively measured standards and rationality. Interestingly, that’s how God designed women and men, respectively, explaining why the most polarized generation in American history – Gen Z – is so heavily divided by sex on culture war issues. The girls are clustered on the left, the boys on the right.

Thus, the waves of social “progress” are purposefully created – top down – by driving the collective left into an emotional frenzy on “social justice” issues, which in turn aggravates the ever reactive right wing to respond with a similar extreme. In other words, leftist extremism creates it’s own corollary opposition on the right: Antifa-type movements tend to produce their own Proud Boys-type opposites. (And where they don’t emerge spontaneously, or aren’t extreme enough, the deep state will produce and arm them.)

But here’s the tricky part for the elites, and the secret to how the populist right could lead the populist left into a workable coalition capable of overthrowing them. The great weakness of the left/right polarization strategy is the reliance on “conservatism” to always neutralize the right wing by making its members focus on “conserving” the status quo instead of completely reversing and replacing it with a true-populist alternative based on the rules established by the founders.

Now that the continual cycles of left/right polarization have finally divided the human race by sex, it would represent the highest form of poetic justice for the male right-wingers to wise-up and man-up to their natural leadership roles – and to collectively woo the female left-wingers back to their natural womanly softness by appealing to their hearts: finding common ground – two by two – on the basics of what it means to be truly human and turning their backs on the elite transhumanist agitators trying to de-humanize and drive them apart. Picture (and pray for) a million Romeos and Juliets defying the artificial rules and boundaries imposed on them by the controlling authorities (but, unlike in Shakespeare’s tragedy, surviving and marrying to breed a new generation of true populists).

The arbitrary rules of social change we’re suffering were written by self-serving men who hate both God and humanity. But the absolute and universal Law of Sex was written in our very flesh by God who created us male and female in His own image. Under this law there is no greater power than the true love of a man for a woman and a woman for a man. It’s this law of love – and sex – from which civilization springs, a law woven into our very being that makes us break down every barrier that stands in our way to reach the other, physiologically complementary half of us who makes us whole: one flesh. No human rule or transhumanist fantasy can trump that. No twisted LGBT lunacy – no matter how relentlessly forced upon us – can change His binary design written in our cells.

The human rules don’t matter – and can’t control us – if we choose and follow the higher law. As the founders taught us, “resistance to tyranny is obedience to God,” and vice versa! To best resist today’s tyrants, trust and obey God’s heterosexual mandate with enthusiasm.

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